Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sally Hansen - Magical Collection

Ooh long time no post.. I figured I would come back from the beyond with some new purchases!  Today we had the first day of full sun in a LONG time.  I swatched it up!  These are all 2 coats over IBD UV gel base coat with no top coat and the application was FAB.  I do not know if they will be fab over all other bases.  I now need to fiddle with more holos and IBD base!

Sorry for yucky cuticles.  There is a reason I haven't been posting much lately.  Ugly finger disease.

I can haz some input?  Are these pictures too gigantic?

Purple Potion

Fairy Dust Pink

Magenta Magic

Ruby Slipper

Mystical Mandarin

Copper Cauldron

Blue Aura

Some comps! Pinky: 2NITE, Ring: Nfu-Oh 65 (most recent version), Middle: Blue Aura, Index: Ocean Rush, Thumb: Kaleidescope Him Out.

So I know I am missing Crystal Ball from this collection.  Anyone know what others I am missing? Pin It


  1. Stunning swatches are they a PITA to apply?

    1. Thanks pal! No omg they were amazing to apply! I didn't use a special base. I just put them straight over my gel base coat. I am very very pleased with these polishes!

  2. Lovely collection of the fantastic older polishes. Beautiful swatches.

  3. Those pics of Blue Aura ... guh! Super huge long time lemming of mine. And they are all so pretty on you. Ps. I have no idea what you're talking about yucky cuticles...pfff ... yours look better than mine do at my best.