Tuesday, November 29, 2011

China Glaze - French Bliss

Okay so the title is very slightly misleading. This is not the entire collection. I could not find the plain white in the bargain bin :|

I love this collection in all its stinky white label goodness. All are 3 coats with no top coat. I am so totally going to need to reswatch these though :\ I was very eager to swatch them, but my nubs are frigging nubbly. There is essentially no white on my nails in these pics which means you cannot see the VNL which I think is essential when swatching sheers like these just for judgment of opacity. There are fluffs and dry skin and wounds and.. Why am I posting these again? :|

Anyways I snippety snapped so here they are.

Ooh La La Peach 3 coats, no topcoat.

+1 coat of Ooh La La Peach Pearl

3 coats Ooh La La Pink no topcoat.

+ 1 coat Ooh La La Pink Pearl

Indoors to show the blue flash

3 coats Ooh La La Beige no topcoat. I didn't realize until after I had removed this one that the camera setting was set to indoor light even though I snapped this outdoors :|

+ 1 coat Ooh La La Soft Pink Pearl

Indoor lighting

2 coats of Ooh La La White Pearl

Regardless of shab swatching. I love these :) I never thought I would get so squishy for neutrals! Nevermind sheer neutrals! Pin It

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pure Luxe - Kaleidoscopes

Okay so the other day I ordered 5 of the Pure Luxe Kaleidoscope loose shadows. I had to order the remaining 2. They got here the other day and now I am going to swatch for you!

I apologize that some of these are lacking :|

All are swatched dry over Fyrinna Pixie Epoxy. It was very hard to capture some of the colour change this way. I wonder if I should have foiled them :|

Okay so firstly I must complain. If I am spending 8 bucks a pop plus too much for shipping (I saw the $1.85 sticker on the package lady) I would like to know what they are called.

Oooh it's called Oa! What a nice name :)

This one is tolerable.

This not so much.

So enough with the hate and on to the love!

I just want to say that these were all very multichromatic and it was really hard to capture that in some of them. That is why some have 4 pictures and some have 1 :|

Illusion = Pinky greeny silvery

Prismatic was a bish. Silvery greeny. I know it is supposed to flash purple but it didn't really happen for me swatched dry.

Mmm Faceted! Maybe my favourite? Goldy coppery pinky reddy!

Luster isn't described on the site. It is similar to Faceted but with the addition of a greeny. I do love this one! Maybe equally to Faceted ;)

Oasis is hard to capture :| Site says blue green beige. I did not find the beige. I couldn't capture the blue/green very well but it is there!

Mmmm Mirage is gorgeous too! Purpley bluey aqua..ey? Ha ha ha I love it.

Lastly I have Visions. Unsure what I was doing with the font there.. Anyways this one is fab. Red to gold to copper and back. I love this whole line.

The texture on these was great. The blend well. I have not had good experiences with blending when foiling so I tend not to foil much. I am sure these would show more of their colours in picture if I had done so. Thanks for looking! Pin It