Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shattermeclaire - Franken Contest

We should all enter this contest!  Full size Glitter Gals!

My good good GREAT fabulous friend of shattermeclaire fame is hosting a frankening contest.

You can find the posting here.

I plan to enter!  Glad to roll up my sleeves and get a little glitter ;)
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ask - Nailwear Review

Along with my tiny bottle of mighty remover I was sent the following 4 polishes, a bottle of top coat and a bottle of base coat.

These are swatched without base because my ridges really create a super nice.. effect on the nail?  Okay it was a foolish oversight.  I normally try to swatch with ridge filler on.  Hopefully these are not too heinous.  I didn't use top coat because I want you to be able to see what a polish looks like on its own.

These all dried very quickly.  Most of them were 1 coaters.

Romantic Sunset - I cannot say I love the name.  In the bottle I was a bit meh on the polish.

On the nail I really quite like it.  One coat!

 There is a very subtle hidden silver shimmer in this polish which you can see a tiny bit of in this picture.

I wanted to see what it would look like with a coat of Finger Paints Sparkle Top Coat.  Nice, and yet still office appropriate.

Always with the hairy bottle bums.  Here is Oh So Aubergine.

One coat!  I am really glad to have these polishes in my stash I have to say.  More and more 1 coat is really ringing my bell and becoming tres important.

I actually needed to add a few drops of thinner to this one.  I do not consider this a bad thing.  I am very much pro 1 coat polish.  Adding a few drops of thinner which I always have hanging around is not a big deal.

Rich Sapphire.  This was not a 1 coater.

This is 3 careful coats.  This one likes to pull.  The first 2 coats were very thin, and the last coat was fairly thick.

This one is very jelly like and squishy.  The first 2 coats were quite transparent.  It does build up nicely.  I would lean more towards calling this a jelly than a creme.  It's not a jelly that you can sandwich, but a jelly.

Finally here is Classic Peacock.  This is a lovely teal.

Another 1 coater.  This one also needed a few drops of thinner.

The above pictures were my having reswatched.  I swatched originally the week before and didn't check them until this weekend, discovering that they were ugly pictures.  Below here is a picture from my original swatchings.  I put Classic Peacock on Sunday afternoon last week.  I wore it until Thursday evening, took this picture and removed it as I had a large chip in my thumb.  This is an illustration of the tip wear.  Starting with the pinky I am wearing Ask base coat under alternating nails.  The tip wear is not as bad on those nails.  Note that I did not wrap the base coat so really all it is helping to prevent is the tip wear crawling higher up the nail as it has done on the other nails.  This picture was taken indoors.

I then decided to take this opportunity to illustrate the difference between Finger Paints Sparkle Top Coat and CND Crimson Sparkle as I had heard someone say one day that they were essentially the same and that if you had one you would not need the other.  In hindsight, they might have meant Raspberry Sparkle which I do not own because although these are similar, they are not dupes.

The pinky and middle finger are Sparkle Top Coat.  The pointer and ring are Crimson Sparkle.

I do not believe these are up for sale yet.  When they are, you can find them at the Ask Cosmetics website for $9.95/bottle.

These products were sent to me for review.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

OPI - Holland Collection

So here is a picture of my windmill of fabulousness.  Not edited.  True and gritty.  You like that $25 dollar Ikea chair?  It's where all the magic happens.  What you don't see is that it is coming apart and tied together at the bottom with a Christmas ribbon.  Oh yes, chez Peeces is tres classy.

I swatched all of these on a cloudy day here in Vancouver which is pretty standard as far as weather goes.  A lot of these do have shimmer that does show up in sunlight and indoor light.  I figure there are enough perfect light box pictures of these.  This is what they looked like outside on Sunday in Vancouver.  Trufax.

Any questionable pink reflections in the polish is likely my camera.  I tried to avoid it, but it happened.

Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI? has quite pronounced shimmer.  It faded away a bit in the shabby lighting, but trust me it is not super secret shimmer like we can find in some polish.

Love Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh. LOVE.

Boo-urns to the secret shimmer in Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

A Roll In The Hague is one of the reasons I bought this collection.  ADORE.

Not big on pinks but I quite liked this one.  Good formula.

 This one matched my Care Bears pyjamas! *cough* I'm still hardcore right?

I wouldn't actually call this one a red.  IRL it looked far more pink/coral leaning.  I guess still technically a red.. but not red red?

I was disappoint son.  It looked AMAZING with Fantasy Fire on top though.

Love!  I was showing this to my coworkers and one said "I would wear that for halloween maybe".  Really?.. frigging muggles.

Another secret shimmer.

All the cremes were 2 coats.  No top coat on any.  The flecks were a bit more pissy in their formula.  I found that they really wanted to dry a bit between coats or they pulled up and got ugly on me.
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