Sunday, September 30, 2012

ManGlaze - Matte is Murder & GOSH Galaxy

I got my very first ManGlaze polishes the other day.  Colour me stoked.  I'm going to post one every Monday (Sunday night) for the next month or so (I bought 5).  I need more.  MOAR.

Umm the bottle art?


2 coats in ze sun

In ze shade.

Someone on MUA the other day referred to this as "very pretty pavement" or something to that effect.  It totally does remind me of a freshly paved road.

The formula was ridiculously awesome.  It dries really quickly, but not so quickly that you can't work with it like some mattes.  I am on a real matte kick lately.  I love me some fast dry time. I almost always cover them in something else, but seriously MiM is so secks!  I would have no issues waiting a full day before covering it in glitter ;)  In this case, I waited about 5 minutes, but that is because I was swatching.

GOSH Galaxy.  Limited edition.  I swear there is duochrome action but it is super subtle.  In the stove light I could see a definite shift in about 50% of the glitter from green to pink.  Super mega subtle though.  Impossible to capture in sunny weather.  I shall have to bust her out on a shit day sometime soon.  Super soon considering it is fall in Vancouver.

1 coat over ManGlaze Matte is Murder




It's like a million tiny particles of every colour.  It looks holo almost in full sun, but it totally isn't.  Speaking of holo.  Has anyone in Canada seen the holo released with this collection?  Are we going to get holo sheisted again? *shakes fist*

You can buy ManGlaze in several ways, Facebook, Amazon or their new crappy website. Pin It

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

CrowsToes Hell Hath no Fury over OPI Royal Rajah Ruby

I wanted to show you guys another face of Hell Hath no Fury.  I like it a lot better over a darker base.  That being said, I liked it a heck of a lot over Too hot Pink to Hold 'em too!

The sun came out today.  Just a wee bit ;)

The shimmer really pops under the stove light ;)

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

CrowsToes Halloween Extravaganza!

Man.. when I received this box.  Every time I pulled out a new bottle I squeed, clutched it in my grubby paw and raised it into the air like this:

I am in love with all these fabulous polishes.  Keep your eyes peeled for all the fabulous iridescent glitter, beautiful Absolutely Alice-esque tiny glitter (not in size but in effect), secret colour morphing shimmer, gold holo glitter and general fantabulosity.  Onward, to far too many pictures!

Bone Daddy - 1 coat over OPI My Pointe Exactly

Purple People Eater - 1 coat over Verity Deep Purple

Indoor lighting

Hell Hath no Fury - 2 coats over OPI Too hot Pink to Hold 'em

Do you see the stripey glitters? I don't know if it was purposeful.. but do love!!

This one is indoors to show the shimmer (colour shifting gold to green I believe, not super bold, but there!) which would probably pop a lot better over a darker colour.

Frogs' Breath - 1 coat and 2 coats over Kleancolor Metallic Green (1 coat has no topcoat)

Tangled Web - 1 coat over Orly Lunar Eclipse and 1 pic with 1 coat over Verity Deep Violet which looked GORGEOUS irl but like ASS in photos :\

VooDoo - 2 coats over Orly Royal Velvet


I don't know that this one is technically a Halloween polish,

Last Call at the Crowbar - 1 and 2 coats over Billie Silver which was a shitty choice since it just looks white and the glitter doesn't pop.  Blingy irl though!

Kat Nip - 1 coat over OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow suede.  This one is an Overall Beauty exclusive.


I have too much to say about these polishes.  For those of you who found the CrowsToes formula to be too thick, Lauri has been tweaking her formula.  These polishes are far more user friendly to work with for those of you who don't have the patience for a thicker glitter, with the acception of Tangled Web which I found was on the thicker side, although not unworkably so, just thicker than the others.  She has not sacrificed the amount of glitter in the bottles, and these are by no means sparse or too fluid.  You may still want to do a bit of dabbing to make sure you get good coverage, but I would recommend this with any glitter.

You can buy all of these at Overall Beauty or Llarowe (with the acception of Kat Nip which is only available at Overall Beauty).

I wouldn't say that these were provided for review.  They were a gift from a pal <3  Integrity intact, I gave my honest opinion. Pin It