The Cleanup Method

Here is the link to the official MeganChair clean-up tutorial which is far better than this one.

I am not a perfect polish applier. Not even close. I do a pretty decent job, but I need some help from my good friend pure acetone (cue Silverchair) and a good stiff brush.

I am currently using the E.L.F. concealer brush which is frigging fabulous but I do not have access to them really in Canada. As you can see it is starting to look quite haggard. Note to self.. beg American friends for another brush.

For the longest time I was using this, which is just a paint brush that happened to be shaped well and quite stiff. Go to your local craft store and just touch all the brushes until you find one that you think would work well. Just use your brain. You do not want a fan brush or something for stippling.

See? Not so pretty.

Dip the brush in acetone and clean it up yo!

Much nicer! *pats self on back*

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