Monday, October 27, 2014

Sephora Formula X - Ombre Glitters - Mischievous

Halloween is around the corner. Might as well resurrect myself. I received Formula X Mischievous in the mail today. Is pretty. In traditional Spit & Polish style, here are like 10 pictures of 1 thing. I was just randomly strolling through my house taking these. It looks a bit assy in overcast outdoor lighting. Inside is very cool though. I did 3 coats and 1 coat of Seche Vite. I think I should have put a coat of Glitter Food or something similar before the SV though because it was a bit chunky and I prefer something a bit more glassy.

This polish wants to be pink, it wants to be green, it wants to be everything. It is very shifty. Mama like.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

A Rhyming Dictionary - Trick River

 This is RBL Bella with 2 coats of A Rhyming Dictionary Trick River. I love this polish. Small round matte white glitter with large matte white hex glitter and jagged bits of irregular pops of colour. It reminds me of candy. I am a fan of candy. I like they way the stark white in Trick River works with the sort of creamy white of Bella.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Rhyming Dictionary Polish - A Purple Without A Name

This is such a pretty purple. Very multidimensional. As per the title, it has no name. I am not sure if Morgan plans to add it to her lineup, but I hope she does. 

By the window on a cloudy day. 

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Friday, February 21, 2014

A Rhyming Dictionary Polish - Tollydiggle

Oh that there were mere words alone to describe my love for thee Tollydiggle, a perfection of flecks.

I love this polish. As soon as I set eyes on it I knew I loved this polish. From the very first coat I knew I LOVED this polish. I am excited to try it out as a topcoat, but here I display it all on its lonesome. This is 4 coats. Three coats probably would have cut it, but this is 4.

Indoors near a window on a bright but not sunny day.

Indoor lighting.

More near the window indoor on a bright but not quite sunny day.

Ze bottle.

Bits of iridescent blue mixed with olive greenish bronzy goldish bits. *edit to add that according to Morgan the blue bits are actually charcoal. Either way, gorgeous.* I have never seen anything like this polish. I adore it. It holds a special place in my collection. You buy it now.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Rhyming Dictionary Polish - The Dark Well

The Dark Well is a dark cobalt blue with holographic microglitter. From a distance it looks like a gorgeous deep blue, but up close it looks magical. I imagine some sunshine would do it better justice *shakes fist at clouds* but I have none of that so here you go with plain old indoor lighting.

This is 3 coats. I see that there is some transparency in the pictures, but in real life it is completely opaque.

The formula was great. Easy to apply. I did not wait between the first two coats but did before the third just to be safe. The polish has a bit of a jellyishness to it, and those can tend to pull. I don't know if it would have though, as I did wait.

A Rhyming Dictionary can be found on etsy if you click over here on this red bit of text.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

A Rhyming Dictionary Polish - Gig and The Foolish Owl

I had an unfortunate encounter with a chef's knife a few weeks ago. My war wound has finally seemed to have healed up enough for me to show you pictures of my fingers again. Rejoice.

Today is Valentine's day. For this, I shall do pink, and I shall do hearts.

Gig is a peachy pink polish with micro fine holographic shimmery bits. It's a lovely polish. Delicate and pretty.

This is 3 coats & SV. For the record, I am not sure how that speck made its way onto my nail. *glares at speck*

On top of this I have added The Foolish Owl which is made up of matte pink squares, tiny matte white bits, big black matte circles, white matte hearts and holographic stars. The hearts give the appearance of laying much less flat than they actually are. I suspect this is due to the fact that they are layered over SV that should have been thinned ages ago. SV so thick!

Both of these polishes applied well. There is loads of glitter in The Foolish Owl, requiring minimal fishing around for choice bits. A Rhyming Dictionary Polish can be purchased on Morgan's etsy page and you can find her on facebook over here.

I have a few more of her polishes to review, but I am going to space them out a bit to salvage my already ravaged fingers. 

These polishes were provided for review
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Misa Peach Passion and CND Crimson Sparkle

This is another one I picked up at the Misa sale. This is an orange leaning bright peach creme. The formula was pretty typical for these kinds of colours. It was a bit thick. I used 3 coats for these pictures. It was a bit streaky, but I blame that more on my application. I think the best way to apply this is with thicker, even coats that are allowed to dry a bit in between. That being said, I am not unimpressed with how it looks with 3 quick coats. It doesn't level very well, like a lot of similar polishes I have found, and so if your final coats do not completely cover your last ones you will end up with obvious layers around the edges. You may be able to see this in my pics.

Because I cannot leave anything alone I added a coat of CND Crimson Sparkle. I am beyond disappointed that CND decided to discontinue their line of Effects. I hope they bring them back in the Vinylux formula. I found this difficult to photograph. In actuality, it is a really prominent pretty pink shimmer that changes to gold as you shift your hands around closer to the light source.

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