Monday, September 30, 2013

Illamasqua Gothiqua

Well. I bought this because of an amazing bottle shot. Whomp whomp. It does not have the same wicked shimmer on the nail as it does in the bottle. That being said, it is still a really beautiful vampy purple. The shimmer does lend extra dimension to the polish. This is a Canadian exclusive Illamasqua polish sold only at the Bay, or Hudson's Bay as they like to be called now because they fancy all of a sudden.

This is 2 coats outdoors in overcast Vancouver weather. At one coat you can see the shimmer a lot more, and the polish is more of a red toned purple. I want to try this layered over top of a purple jelly or something at some point. The weather today is too shit to justify this at this particular juncture though. Nice hair there Pinky Finger.


Sorry this picture is blurry, but it is the best indoor lighting picture I took.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

SpaRitual Illuminate Collection

Okay taking an emergency break from my CrowsToes swatching.

I only picked up 4 of the 6 polishes from this collection, mostly because I am poor.

Please everyone give me a round of applause for not hurling my cellphone through a storefront today. It shut off on me 7 times in a row. This shit will not maintain stasis. It is time to die. That reminds me I need to call and cancel my service. I don't need a frigging cellphone I hate talking on the phone.

I found these difficult to photograph. They all have duochrome shift, but are particulate foils in finish which makes them finicky to photograph. So blingy.

Intuition was a pain in the ass to photograph. I took like 50 pictures and fiddled with every frigging camera option. Nothing actually allowed me to take colour accurate photos. It is a medium violet purple with teal-pink duochrome shimmer.

This is 3 coats no topcoat.

Improvisation is listed as a berry shimmer by SpaRitual. It's a pinky red. It has the same teal-pink duochrome shimmer. This is 3 coats no topcoat.

Imagination is listed as a magenta blue shimmer. It's a teal-pink duochrome shimmer and what seems to be a sort of reddish brown shimmer until you swatch it over black in a clear base It's super sheer. This is 4 coats on a white fake nail.

This is 3 coats over black with no topcoat. You can no longer see the sort of reddish shimmer. It's strictly pink/teal.

Last up is Invention which is not surprisingly probably my favourite. I LOVE GOOOOOLD. This is 3 coats alone and then 2 coats over black. It's a gold foil with a teal-green flash. Swatched alone it seems to have a bit of a pinky/red thing going on making it really interesting and beautiful.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

CrowsToes Summer Part 1

I was a very happy girl this morning when I checked the mail. In order to save my cuticles crying I am breaking this into bits. Also, I'm sure you have noticed that I take about 60 pictures of each polish. 

This is Misa Phazers on Stunning, 3 coats no topcoat. This is my only Misa polish. I need more. I had ideas that I was going to do my first ever gradient for this mani with a light purple creme. I do not own a light purple creme. Seriously wtf?

 I added 2 coats of Boat Drinks. I want some frigging boat drinks right about now I tell you what. *eyes bottle of Shiraz*... Just need a boat.

Next up we have Tiki Torch. When Lauri first posted pics of this on Facebook I said something like it looked like the jam that a fairy would spread on her toast. I stand by that. This is 3 coats. I let them dry a bit in between.

One Trick Pony *chortles* oh Lauri you crack me up! Also, I agree ;) If that is what you meant.. *whistles* Anyways! I keep thinking of the following:

I had a pony. We all had ponies. My sister had a pony. My cousin had a pony. It was a beautiful pony, and I loved him.

3 coats no topcoat. This is a strong linear holo with pinky purple/green duochrome.

In the soul killing shade.

Indoors to show the green a little bit. Looking jaundiced there fingers.

I do my nails in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet like the classy broad that I am. There is a spider that lives in the corner. I have allowed it to live because for the most part spiders are pretty cool guys that kill things I like less than them; HOWEVER, this dude occasionally feels my vibrations (cue Marky Mark) and comes over to check and see if I am a fly or something. I end up having to have chats with him/her. I am like HEY BUDDY WTF. I LET YOU LIVE YOU CANNOT COME SO CLOSE TO ME UNLESS YOU WISH TO DIE 1000 DEATHS. Then I take my cleanup brush and rap the counter like a freak until he runs back into his corner. Don't fuck around spider.

Last up for today is Me & This Army. Loving it! This is 4 coats, 2 thin and 2 thick. I waited a bit between layers.

In the shade which steals souls.

The shimmer in this is not hidden in the least. It is loud and proud, and I LOVE it.

I have a lot of shit to do tomorrow, so I don't know if I will get any swatching done, but at some point I will swatch more! I also have shit to do on Saturday.. maybe Sunday? Probably Monday.

CrowsToes can be found at Llarowe and other e-tailers that I am too lazy to look up right now. Pin It