Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bliss Piss & Clarins 230 Comps

My BFF made this.  I adore it!  Here is 1 coat over OPI Houston we Have a Purple.

Indoor lighting

In da sunshine!

This polish is truly gorgeous.  I decided to comp it against 230 and some of my other "dupes"

Full sun

From left to right: Bliss Piss, Clarins 230, Beyu 209, Fantasy Fire

Indoor lighting

Beyu has the least strong green flash, but it really does glow in the sun.  FF has the least strongest flashes either way of the lot.  I think it could have benefited from a second coat which is a shame because it comes in the tiniest bottle.  I would say Bliss Piss is the closest dupe to 230 that I own and the only one that came close to matching the green flash although it was difficult for me to catch that on camera.  Thus far, I have yet to find something that truly matches it's scream of green!

Thank you Miss Moxie for this amazing little bottle *heart*
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

HTF Green Comp - Greenwich Green vs. Cat's Eye vs. At Your Quebec And Call

So stoked that Moxie sent me OPI At Your Quebec And Call last week!! She is the doll of dolls.  I was so stoked to comp it against OPI Greenwich Green and China Glaze Cat's Eye!

Pointer - China Glaze Cat's Eye 3 coats
Middle - OPI Greenwich Green 2 coats
Ring - OPI At Your Quebec And Call 3 coats

In the shade

These are very similar colours.  Cat's Eye is more golden.  Greenwich Green is just barely frosty.  At Your Quebec And Call has a slightly blackened base.  All are beautiful!  I should have thrown Butter London Wallace in there.  I think he would have been the next natural step down from AYQAC.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012


A lovely black feathered friend of mine hooked me up with these babies.  They came to me in the mail a few days ago and I squeed a squee that could have broken glass.  I took a million pictures but my camera was freaking out in the sunshine :\  How rare! We never have sun here in Raincouver.

Absolum -Your Potions Master over Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede (1 coat Absolum)

This polish is a party in the bottle!  I do not think I can name all the glitter in it.  Primarily what I notice most are the blue, green, red, holo and black hexes with black stick glitter.  Blinding in the sunshine.

 Bunny Slope over Don't Touch My Tutu! (1 Coats Bunny Slope)

1 coat Bunny Slope

This is so frigging delicate and pretty.  It looks so amazing.  Tiny white glitter with tiny holo silver glitter bits.  Adore.

Cheshire over Rimmel Hard Edged (1 Coat Cheshire)

Adore this.  Purple glitter with pops of this acidic yellow!  Plus check out that hunka hunka giant square glitter! Rawr.  There is a lot of other glitter in this polish but these are the ones that really stand out.

Murder By #'s over Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede (2 coats Murder)

This one is a duochrome and it also has holographic and other glitter bits in it.  Stunning and smooth as buttah to apply!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Color Club Take Wing

Standard opening apologies: I am sorry for some dark spots under a couple of my nails.  It is not dirt.  It is black polish that no matter how hard I acetoned, would not be gobbled up by acetone :(  On the bright side it is a measure of opacity? *waggles eyebrows* Eh? No? Okay :\

Sorry for ugly stained cuticles, any dryness, any snaggly bits, any hairs etc.

This collection is hawt secks.  All swatches are as follows:
Shade first then sun.
Pointer = 3 coats
Middle = White
Ring = Black
Pinky = 2 coats

Daisy Does It

Fly With Me


Sky High

Sparkle and Soar

Wing Fling

Fly With Me and Daisy Does It look pretty much the same over black.  Half of this collection is glass fleck and half of it is shimmer.  All are amazingly gorgeous.  Glass fleck sucks a little bit for cleanup as you can see by all the sparkle frags on my fingers.  That being said, I am sure it would come off in the shower, and several other (less inept?) bloggers have managed to swatch them sans sparklefragz.

A couple are opaque enough that you can not see any visible difference in them whether alone or over black or white.  I think I should swatch like this more often.  Very useful.. *strokes air beard*

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