Sunday, July 31, 2011

Late Night Random

This is Wet & Wild Gray's Anatomy with China Glaze Faultline over top.

That OPI lotion is rank. It lured me in with promises of delicious smells. It baited and switched! I call shennanigans! It smells like chewable Vitamin C. :S

Speaking of Vitamin C, this is a scented (orange) Astor polish that my friend brought me from Switzerland.. or Spain? Anyways!

I had more pics of this in decent lighting but seriously they were shameful. There was all kinds of different coloured ugliness that I neglected to properly cleanup. I need a macro style magnifying glass for when I do my cleanup so that when I take photos I am not stunned by ugliness when I open them on the lappy.

I decided it needed a coat of Tiger's Blood.

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Amazing holo multichrome anyone?

My lovely pal Kristy down under at The Polish Haven sent me this AMAZING franken which was her version of the original posted on More Nail Polish, specifically this post. This is 2 coats over Wet & Wild Black Creme.

My pictures do not do it justice. Nevermind the gorgeous holo fabulosity. Do you see the colour shift? It was hard for me to capture in the sun so the last picture is in the shade. That shows you the green flash. In the sun you can very obviously see the strong purple flash. When I was putting this on I remarked to myself "whaaaaaaat!?" Which is what I usually remark when I am pleasantly astounded by a polish. Thanks Kristy!! Pin It

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Random glitter layering project

First layer = Essence Dress For a Moment
Second layer = Random purple hex glitter from the mall
Third layer = Nopi Make U Smile
Fourth layer = China Glaze Doll House
Fifth & Sixth layers = Hard Candy Break Up

I really loved this combo. Just a sort of random NOTYD for you guys. I do have a bunch of stuff sitting in the "to be blogged" folder which I will get onto throughout the week! Pin It

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Milani Holos (the ones I have anyway) and OPI Paris Couture For Sure

Ok so I want to apologize, yet again, for my crappy application. Sometimes things look pretty decent until you see them in macro :|

These polishes applied like a dream. I was lazy and used no base. There are at least 2 layers of each, the silver I used 4. If you are in the market for a holo, and you can find these, I suggest you buy them up. While they are not crazy linear, they are still super pretty. They are definitely holos!

Wtf is that wipqozn on my finger..

Thanks to the little birdie who sent me those ;o)

Here is OPI Paris Couture For Sure topcoat. I have seen swatches which must have been 20 layers of this puppy. This is 3 coats. I am now treating it like a topcoat. Preswatching I figured it could be layered enough to be opaque, but since it is pretty hard to find, I am not going to be doing that any time soon!

I know I have posted this before, but just for reminders sake here is one coat of PCFS over top of Essie Like Me.

As you can see, 1 coat of this kicks up another colour like whaaaaat! Pin It

Monday, July 25, 2011

Glitter Gal - Fuchsia & Sally Hansen - Pink Rose Diamond

I've got 2 pink holos for you this lovely Monday morning!

The application of this polish was not like other holos. It was a breeze! I didn't even use a base coat for these swatches. I was thoroughly impressed with the formulas and with the products in general.

Glitter Gals come in teensy bottles (9 ml) but it's 9 ml of awesomesauce!

That bottle.. rawr!

Now for Pink Rose Diamond. My only complaint with Prisms in general is that the bottle shape makes them unsteady. Plenty of times I am applying them and I dip my brush and go to scrape off any excess on the inside rim of the bottle to have it teeter and totter on me :S No spilly Prism!

Curses, I thought I had taken 5 shots of this one. I have issues with symmetry.

Anyhoo! Both have fabulous formulas and both have amazing holo flames. Pink Rose Diamond is still available online at (although more than retail) a really reasonable price if you are in the market for a fantastic pink holo. Spit&Polish seal of approval! Pin It