Monday, August 27, 2012

Nail Pattern Boldness - Ninja vs. Pirate

I love this shiz.  Fabulous white and black shards in a clear base.  Not too thick.  Not all stabby like a lot of those shardy glitters can be.  Sliced nice and thin so they lay flat and not in stab/lump format.

This is 1 coat applied traditionally over OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  It was not the best colour combination.  I thought it would be more grey.  No topcoat.

Here are 3 of essentially the same shot.  This time I dabbed the polish on so I had more control of where the bitlets went.  The green is GOSH Oh My Gosh Apple green. No topcoat.

I love the way white and black glitter pop against most cremes.  This polish is an amazing alternative to Connect The Dots and the many available dupes which are kind of getting old at this point.  Not that I do not love CTD.  Loathe Lynn, but still lurve CTD.  Anyway!  You can buy Nail Pattern Boldness polishes here on her etsy site.  They are cheaper than most indies, but the quality is amazing.  The labels are not made of plain paper which makes them resilient, and I love the addition of the polish name on the bottom of the bottles.  I will have a few more to review this week!  Allison ships quickly, and is the epitome of good customer service.  You buy now! Pin It

Saturday, August 25, 2012

SpaRitual - Alchemy vs. China Glaze - Whitecap vs. Zoya - Gaia

I have a comp of 3 beauties.  I am in love with each of these polishes.

Zoya Gaia is obviously in the dupe running but I needed to bust it out since I was going milky gold.

Gaia is pinky, middle finger is Whitecap and ring and pointer are Alchemy.  All are 2 coats aside from Gaia which was 1 coat, and all are over 2 coats of OPI Don't Touch my Tutu!

Cuticles = still Sammy Haggard.

The particles in Alchemy are bigger.  Alchemy is also a lot blingier in person.  Whitecap has a more opaque base and builds up more with each coat; whereas, Alchemy simply builds in bling.  I love all of these.  If I was going to go get hitched, one or all may be my wedding mani!  So delicate and beautiful. Pin It

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Hello!  CrowsToes, how I love thee.  I have 5 polishes for you today.  I want to preface these pictures with a few facts:

These are all 1 coat.
These polishes are dense.  You will need to thin them.  You will also need to apply them carefully.  I did not take a loaded brush and spread it out like I would a regular creme or even a mainstream glitter like an OPI etc.  I swiped the brush on the inside of the bottle to remove all product and then went in for a small dip.  I then dabbed the polish on with the brush almost paralel to my nail.  I dabbed it on until I got the amount of glitter that I wanted.  If you try and apply these like other polishes, you will probably get quite frustrated.  Some people find that unappealing.  I find it the opposite! More polish in the bottle for me.

My cuticles are still grody, but less so!  Shield your eyes for actually moisturized yet appearing not as such snaggly cuticles.

I Make The Path over OPI Thanks a Windmillion

Gomez over OPI Sapphire in the Snow

Morticia over OPI Vodka & Caviar

Thing over Nicole Purple Yourself Together

Wonder Woman over Barielle Lemon Drops (It looks like the Simpsons to me)

CrowsToes are fabulous polishes.  They can be finicky, but they are worth it in my opinion.  Be prepared to apply them carefully in a dabbing fashion and be prepared to thin them.  Also, be prepared to love them.  They are amazing. Pin It

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Anna Sui 400

So I had my eye on this set for a while.  I get stupid about spending money sometimes though.  I think.. I can't afford this, and then I do not buy it.  Stupid me.  I went back and bought it.

I took pictures of each side of the box and then decided that was excessive so here is the front of the box.

What is with the bad guy moustache?

Interestingly in my search for an image of Snidely Whiplash I came across this fellow

Anyways!  This is what was in the box.

This is what was in the pretty purple paper

8 ml bottles.  2 of them for $26 CAD.  One is a duochrome and 1 is a glitter.  They smell like roses or something floralish.  The smell is pretty strong.  I could smell it while typing.  I didn't dislike it though.  I have no idea how long it lasts for or if topcoat kills it.

Here is the 500 which I did not swatch.

I performed my standard duochrome test on 400.  Take the bottle and hold it in front of you at around boob level.  Then slowly lift it up to eye level.  If there is duochrome, this will bring it out to play.  I have yet to be wrong!  The same tactic works for irking out the duochrome on the nail.  Boob to eye people, boob to eye.

Originally, I figured this was a layering polish.  I was wrong.  It could be a 1 coater if you were careful.  I did 2 coats.  I must brace you before you see these.  I am swatching with my right hand because my left is so mangled.  I did a shit job.  My right hand cuticles are not in good shape either, but there were no gross scabs.  Not my finest work.. but here it is :\

There is even some duochrome in full sun!  I do not often observe this.

I still need to swatch 500.  It is very pretty.  There was another set of 2 polishes that I did not buy.. but now I have regret :|

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