Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wonder Beauty Products - Aphrodisiac and Moonshine Merlot

Okay, I am going to preface this post with a whinge.  I know when I reviewed Liam's Galaxy I was pretty pleased with these lacquers.

Complaint #1: The mixing.
You have to mix these polishes a fair bit before you use them.  They take 2-3 coats each (the ones I have), and you need to mix them between every layer.  You cannot apply them (the ones I have) layer after layer without waiting for them to dry in between or they pull.  You then have to find somewhere to rest the stick covered in polish.  It isn't just the glitter that needs to be mixed in, the pigment also settles.

Complaint #2: The brush/bottle situation.
I like the idea of it coming with a bottle of top coat, if that is what this extra bottle actually turned out to be. Unless you clean your brush every single time you put it back into the bottle (not going to happen) you are going to end up with another bottle of (very diluted) the same polish that you have in a jar.  You have to wipe the brush off well before you put it into the actual polish or else it will be too diluted to get consistant layers with.  Originally, in my Liam's Galaxy post, I decided not to complain about this.  I wasn't planning on using the clear as a top coat.  I have lots of top coat.  That being said.  If you plan to use the "fusing liquid" as a top coat, it will not be a clear top coat for long unless you plan to clean your brush constantly.  If you plan to use it for its other purpose which is to thin out the polish in the jar, you will soon end up with a lot of air in your bottle and thus with very thick liquid.  This brings me to complaint #3

Complaint #3: The jar.
I do like the idea of being able to get every last bit out of your jar.  I do not like that it has such a wide surface area that it dries out very quickly.  It gets thick and goopy very fast.  The polish gets into the threads and makes the lid difficult to open.  I have only used my polishes 1 X each and I had to bust out some thinner on one of them because I do not plan to use my clear to thin it as I would like a nice moist and relatively fluid place to keep my brush.

Here are some pictures.  Sorry for the thickness.  Part of this is because of the polish, mostly it is because I am now doing my own gel polish at home.  This was my third try.  Still not quite unlumpy enough for me. I need to stop doing them on Friday night when I have been drinking..

3 coats no top coat indoors but by a window

2 coats no top coat indoors but by a window

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wonder Beauty Products - Liam's Galaxy

Liam's Galaxy is a navy jelly polish with silver, light blue and gold glitter.  The shop owner, Jen, says that it contains "glow in the dark effects", but I haven't tested out its glow in the dark potential yet.

These polishes can be a bit finicky because you need to stir them essentially every time you apply them.  They do not want to be quick layered either.  The reason I did not swatch all 3 I have today is because you need to wait for them to dry between coats, and I am feeling lazy today.

This is 3 coats plus top coat.  I did not add any of the extra fusing liquid to the polish in the jar.



This polish is gorgeous.  Although a bit finicky to apply, I do actually like the Wonder Beauty idea.  I like that I can use every single last drop of a polish because it comes in a jar.  I like that I can add clear to it so I can thin out the colour/glitter density without losing viscosity.  These did dry relatively quickly, and if I was not so very very lazy I could have swatched the others today.  I plan to do so next weekend and will likely post on Sunday.

Jen was very nice and accommodating.  She can ship up to 4 of her polish sets to Canada for $10 dollars shipping.  If you want to buy this polish, you can find it at her etsy shop. Pin It

Saturday, March 3, 2012