Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lippmann - Sugar Daddy + Rainbow Honey - A Little Kindness

My mom got me this for my birthday a while back.  Love!  Not brushstrokey.  Totally mesmerizing smooth chrome fabulosity.  Amazing duochrome.  Looks fantastic in full sun too.  I have sung my praises.  Here it is at 3 coats.  Not awesome cleanup, but whatevz.

I then decided it needed a little something more, so I dabbed on some Rainbow Honey - A Little Kindness (awesome and love).  The cuticle dab is my new favourite way of using glitter.  Dabba dabba dabba!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

OPI Peel me a Gobi Grape

Here is something that some amazing friends gifted me. Something that I had been wanting for a LONG time. I had appropriately dubbed it, Peel me a GOD DAMN Gobi Grape. Named as such from my frustration of not being able to acquire it at that point ;)

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HARE - Star Tropics and Asteroid Turf

HARE are going to be on llarowe!!!

I think we all know I love me some HARE.  I keep trying to swatch these and failing miserably.  Not because there is anything wrong with the polishes, I just keep thinking that my pictures are totally going to look awesome and then I upload them and they are mostly bunkz0rz :\

I am not 100% happy with these, but here you go.

Star Tropics.  1 coat over GOSH OMG Cobalt Blue.  No topcoat.

mmm janky blue cuticles.

How can you not love squishy squares?  This polish is amazing and a testament to something that Nikole does very well.  She can take something seemingly so simple, and make it something so multidimensional.  With multiple coats you can create so much depth.  The colour layers over the silver glitter making the initial coats progressively darker than the last.  Very fabulous.  This one reminds me of the following:

Here is Asteroid Turf.  1 coat over OPI Greenwich Green.  No topcoat.

Oh hai random hair!

This is another simple stunner.  Because this polish is so uncluttered and the colours are so opposite, it really obviously pops on the nail, even from a fair distance.  So many fabulous polishes are lost when at arms length from the eyes.

I hope that HARE being sold on Llarowe means that more of you ladies will get to enjoy some!  Nikole indicated on the HARE facebook page that she does plan to keep stocking her etsy store.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Rainbow Honey - A Little Kindness

Someone got her Equestria Collection in the mail recently!

Prettiest boxes ever!

Super cute top shot.

Yes thank you. I love lids with labels so that I know what is in the Val Helmer!

Oh hello bottle shot in the shade.  Do you see the pink shimmer? Of course you do.

One coat over top of Picture Polish Coral Reef in the shade (heart you Sarah!)


One coat over a Barielle gold foil that I do not remember the name of and am too lazy to get up and inspect.  I will fish it out if anyone asks ;)

I am in love with this polish. Totally love. Man I need to get my swatching butt in gear! I have a bunch more HARE polish to share with you, but I swatched them all and hated every pic and now I need to reswatch :\ Anyhoo, thanks for looking. Don't forget to enter my giveaway! 5 days left! Pin It