Monday, November 26, 2012

Nfu-Oh JS16 and a CrowsToes Sandwich

I am now in love with the Nfu-Oh Jelly Syrup line and want them all.  I invite you to enjoy JS16 sans cleanup (not that I did too bad *pats self on back*) in various different lightings.

JS16 3 coats no topcoat.

Added 1 coat CrowsToes Bah F@#$%*g Humbug.

Then one more coat of JS16 still no topcoat.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

20% Off Polished Beeds

My pal Daphne has an etsy shop that sells the pretties.  Starting tonight at midnight CST through tomorrow she will be offering 20% off of purchases of $10 or more with the code CYBMON12.

Let me give you a couple of forinstances:

So yeah! Her prices are totes reasonable. Go have yourself a peek. I am currently shaking a fist at her because I cannot be spending anymore money on myself this holiday season jeez!  Click on over to Polished Beeds on etsy.  Her sale will be starting in.. 8 hours apx! Pin It

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pretty Serious - They Came From Beyond Space!

I was so stoked to receive this collection on Friday.  I peered in through their little windows and whispered "I'm going to swatch you on Sunday", and then I did.  Here are the results!

Apologies for 60 different lightings.  It was hard for me to capture the different colour shifts.  So shifty these fellas.

Also apologies for the shots where my fingers looked like they just slammed into all the Slim Jims.

Oh and any unfitting pink flashes on the bottles is likely just a reflection from my pink camera.

P.S. apologies for any craptasticly obvious shopping of black polish that I failed to notice until after all the polish was removed :|

As I was swatching I had Richard Stamos singing Loving You stuck in my head the entire time.  Thank you South Park.

All ring fingers are 1 coat over black.  All other fingers are 3 coats.  No topcoat.

Atomic Brain, not sure what the qozn is on the label there *squints*

Galaxy Invader, it's a bit redundant that I am announcing the names since the first picture is of the label..

Phantom Planet, and now a picture of the label.

All of these were a dream to work with.  Not too thick not too thin.  I like them alone or over black.  They aren't so sheer that you can't build them to opacity in 3 or even 2 coats if you are careful.  The colour shifts are strong in all of them.  I loved walking around through the different lights in the house moving my hands around checking out the pretty.  I want to try layering them over all of the things..

These are described as duochrome foils.  This means that they are tres blingy!  Very shiny and flashy as you can see since I did not use any topcoat.

They Came From Beyond Space! is available at Pretty Serious.  10% off if you buy all 3.  Shipping is totes reasonable considering they are coming from Oz.  Canadian ladies you should be especially pleased since it costs the same as it does from province to province.  Stupid Canada Post *glares*

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Preview From Syn Cosmetics

So Syn Cosmetics posted this picture on their Facebook page today.

Umm.. yes please!  This is the quote that accompanied the picture: "Promise they'll be up before Black Friday ;)"

Speaking of fabulous duochromes, I got my Pretty Serious They Came From Space collection on Friday!  That means I swatch today and post tonight!  MUAHAHAHA. Pin It

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pretty Serious - Monster Mash and Emma Louise

Okay so this entire collection is fabulous.  All but Viscous Vampire were good at 2 coats.  Some were a bit on the thicker side, but not unmanageably so.  They are close on 1 coaters so the thickness is not unwelcome.  These pictures were taken over several days in several lightings.  I could not get the weather or my camera/eyes to cooperate.  I reswatched them a few times, and I am still not entirely satisfied.

Onwards and upwards!

Emma Louise - 2 coats.  She did not want to cooperate with my camera.  Alternately, my camera did not want to cooperate with her.  Purple jelly with green and purple glitter and a fabulous shimmer.

Emma Louise was designed by Emma for her 30th birthday.  Limited number produced (I got 161/300). With 5 dollars from each bottle going to the Cancer Council of New South Wales.

Now let's do the mash.  Let's do the Monster Mash.. collection.

Creature Crush 2 coats.  I didn't see that blatant baldspot until I was labelling and cropping.  Go team useless eyeballs! *books appointment with eye doc*

Black jelly base with lots of small silver glitter and bigger holo hexes.

Gargoyle Ganache 2 coats. I am posting 7 pictures of this and still don't feel like I've captured it properly.  It's sort of a gunmetal grey with a slight duochrome.  It is also full of many different coloured particles.. I have nothing else like it in my collection.

Oh how I love thee Liquid Leprechaun. 2 coats. Gorgeous.

I couldn't help myself, I had to throw CrowsToes Jingle Balls on top.  They were meant for each other.  A melding of holidays! *wipes away a single tear* may the pagans and the Christians rejoice.

Mummy Mush 2 coats.  LOVE.  ADORE.  If you like China Glaze Whitecap or SpaRitual Alchemy you will love this.  It is their pinky peachier shifting green to teal cousin.  Love.

Apparently I only took 2 decent pictures of it on its own.

This is 1 coat over Chanel June.  Love.

I tried it over black, but it didn't want to party that way.

Okay Poltergeist Puddle caused my camera to shit a sideways brick.  Here are a few pictures of what looks NOTHING like the actual polish.  It's really just like.. the best most purpleist purple with a bit of something else.. like someone spiked the purple shimmer punch.  Love it. 2 coats.

And then my camera had a seizure of purple joy. Enjoy the blur, just for you ladies *winks*

Viscous Vampire 2 coats and then 3 coats.  It was happier at 3 coats. I love this polish.  Red jelly squish  full of glittery goodness *dreamy sigh*

So let me take a minute to love the boxes these come in.

Name on top!

Super cute box art in HOLO BOX. Fits nicely in Helmer Fudd.

Peek-a-boo polish window! Also HOLO BOX??!

I pretty seriously love Pretty Serious.  You can buy them on their website.  Go do that now. Pin It