The Foil Method

Ah yes the foil method. This will save you a lot of time and stress if you are a lover of glitter or polish that generally likes to stain your fingers when you try to remove it.

Here are all of the supplies you will need (note that both tin foil and plastic wrap that sticks to itself will work well)

I got this at the Dollar giant. I didn't realize until I got it home that it is just 1 big folded up sheet of cotton! I actually do not hate it. It cost $1.25 and it is perfect for snipping up into bits for foiling.

You are going to want to tear off strips of foil around the length of your hand.

Then you are going to snip them into 3 pieces for each strip.

Next you will saturate the cotton with pure acetone. It can be a bit harsh on the nail, but I have tried it with remover (remover which contains acetone) and it just didn't frigging work. Maybe it will work for you, but I am doing this because I do not enjoy hassle. Tried and true! pure acetone. On a side note.. every time someone brings up pure acetone I end up with Silverchair stuck in my head

Then place the saturated cotton onto your finger tip and then the finger tip into the center of the foil.

Wrap the foil over so it is essentially folded in half with your finger in the middle.

Then fold it back the other way and all the way around your finger and squinch it so it's tight. Then fold the tip down, unless you like having freaky long foil fingers.

Wait like 5 minutes or so, depending on the amount/degree of stubbornness of the polish you used. Wiggle the foil around a bit and pull it off.

Et voila! A lovely, mostly polish free (if slightly stained) finger nail! You will still need to bust out a pad and remove the residue. On that note, these are my favourite. If you live in Canada, they sell them at SuperStore. I think they are like $4 for 50. I use 1 pad to remove the polish of an entire mani most of the time! 1 pad!

Now if you are me, you will go wash your hands and grab your CND Solar Oil and let it soak into your poor little fingers for a while.

During this time you (moi) will enjoy playing an RPG perhaps for the DS.

Thanks for reading, happy glittering!

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