Thursday, July 7, 2011

China Glaze Don't Be A Square

I love dusties. Remind me next pay day to go back down to this dusty and see what's left of their kaleidoscopes! Most of them are used but.. I don't care!

This one is gorgeous. I was a bit suspicious of it on the way home from the dusty. It was a cloudy day and it looked like it might have been frankened with. I think that's just the way the kaleidoscopes look in the bottle in ugly lighting. They can be confusingly particulate until you get them into the sun ;o)

This is such a gorgeous medium almost dusty pink scattered holo. I never thought I could love a pink back in the day. Now I am starting to warm up ;o) I love this pink! And many other pinks ;o)

The formula is a bit sheer but not too bad. Pin It

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