Tuesday, July 19, 2011

China Glaze - Rainstorm

This polish is so super pretty in the bottle.

Unfortunately it is RIDICULOUSLY thin. I need to layer it, and now I really really need lapis of luxury or secret periwinkle because I don't want to put this puppy away and never wear it again. It is really quite pretty. A periwinkle blue (correct me if I am wrong) with glitter!

Here is 4 coats with no topcoat. It needs underwear and a topcoat couldn't hurt. I apologize for my cuticles. Note to the followers.. Swimsuit... Nailed It! Stains. Use a basecoat. I didn't because I was just doing a fast swatch and it stained (not much but still) like immediately. Suppose I should have mentioned that yesterday...

Also.. did you ever wonder what OPI - Paris Couture For Sure would look like over top of Essie Like Me/Geranium? Or any bright orange leaning red for that matter?

Et voila

These aren't the most amazing pics. 1 coat of PCFC. I had 1 shot left in my camera yesterday (only day of sun in over a week) before the battery died :( Pin It


  1. I think it was Lizzard Van Reptile that said my Blue Tang reminded her of Rainstorm. Either way it's super pretty!

  2. Blue Tang!! I remember her raving about it! I'm probably going to swatch the lovelies you send me today ;o) <3