Monday, July 4, 2011

Color Club Revvvolution & Worth The Risque

You know how I apologized for blowing my load all at once? This is why! Welcome to a semi-dud! There are always polish names that come up in conversation, especially holos, that are accused of having duds on the market. Revvvolution and Worth the Risque are two of those polishes. These actually came in the Femme Fatale set. I paid full retail! And they are duds :( At least partial duds. If you look with your heart and sprinkle some fairy dust on your eyes you can see a bit of rainbow on the horizon!

I will say this though, Revvvolution is an amazing polish if you push the dud part to the side for a bit. This is 2 coats but it could have been 1. It is so opaque and so creamy, it really was a dream to apply. Speaking of dreams. Someone should have slapped my ass awake and told me to moisturize my cuticles! I was applying cuticle oil (heresy) after (and thus before) every swatch to try and maintain some semblance of decent cuticles but swatching... 25? polishes in 2 days took its toll :(

Here is Worth the Risque

The formula on this one was much the same, much in the same way that it is also a dud. Just do a google search for these polishes and I am sure you will come across some linear holos. I must put these back on my wish list! I need to get the good ones so I can do a comp.

So now you know what a scattered holo is!

And now I must get ready for work! Pin It


  1. pretty! I like them!

  2. mmm holo *sings "The More You Know"*

  3. awww I am sad about your duds, friend! :( Hopefully you can get the non-duds sometime, they are so fabulous!!