Thursday, July 21, 2011

jaybird frankens! Fruit Martyr +1

Allo allo. Good morning all. I have a couple of fabulous frankens from the fabulous jaybirdiscrafty of mua fame aka jaybird of

This is Fruit Martyr. A buttery yellow with rainbow micro glitter. I find the green glitter stands out the most in all light, but if you tilt it around you get a burst of rainbowy goodness!

Please excuse my weirdly shiny pinky.. It was a bit dry so I added some solar oil.

This franken does not have a name! I am tentatively calling it Cry Me a River.

Mmm secret shimmer

Alright blog is updated, matcha latte has been consumed, time to curl hair and go to work! Pin It


  1. Cry Me A River it is! Awesome name.

  2. Love the yellow!

  3. I wish I was as good at creating frankens as that *is jealous*

  4. You and me both Claire! <3 W00t another name under my belt!