Sunday, July 31, 2011

Late Night Random

This is Wet & Wild Gray's Anatomy with China Glaze Faultline over top.

That OPI lotion is rank. It lured me in with promises of delicious smells. It baited and switched! I call shennanigans! It smells like chewable Vitamin C. :S

Speaking of Vitamin C, this is a scented (orange) Astor polish that my friend brought me from Switzerland.. or Spain? Anyways!

I had more pics of this in decent lighting but seriously they were shameful. There was all kinds of different coloured ugliness that I neglected to properly cleanup. I need a macro style magnifying glass for when I do my cleanup so that when I take photos I am not stunned by ugliness when I open them on the lappy.

I decided it needed a coat of Tiger's Blood.

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