Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The title of this post is best spoken like a valley girl. You know if I had the frankening material I would have to add a few more acronyms to my own OMG collection addendum such as WTF, BBQ and ROFLCOPTER.

IDK is a lovely light purple holo.

It's quite a nice dusty purple in the shade. No rainbow though *whomp whomp*

I <3 IDK. I was on a roll there finding it all the time but I never grabbed it. One is enough right? *plots* This is LOL which is an amazing deep purple (smoke on the water anyone?). Pardon the wipqozn chunk on my shabz cleanup job. This is a sign that I did it before the polish dried. I know lots of people do their cleanup predry but it always ends up with chunky bits for me :\

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  1. Such awesome polishes! But I think I like LOL better!

  2. I like LOL better too! I need to start tracking these down, now that I'm full on holo obsessed.

  3. I definitely like LOL better. it's more "in your face" :)

  4. like, omg. those are like, SO totally beautiful. like, seriously :P

  5. everyone always talks about how awesome IDK is...and it IS! BUT I really am loving LOL, which is funny to me since I never really lemmed it. I just happened upon it at a dusty one day and figured "why not"? :)