Saturday, July 30, 2011

Random glitter layering project

First layer = Essence Dress For a Moment
Second layer = Random purple hex glitter from the mall
Third layer = Nopi Make U Smile
Fourth layer = China Glaze Doll House
Fifth & Sixth layers = Hard Candy Break Up

I really loved this combo. Just a sort of random NOTYD for you guys. I do have a bunch of stuff sitting in the "to be blogged" folder which I will get onto throughout the week! Pin It


  1. Super cute! I love the base color, and the glitter is so amazing! (:

  2. Love the randomness :) Well done!

  3. Love all the layers....I love the big flakes on top!

  4. Surprisingly, this does not look like a fairy puked all over your nails. It looks super cute! =) HC Break Up is one of my favorite glitters. I love it over a navy too. =)