Monday, August 8, 2011

Billie - Rose & Pink & Electric Coral = Dollar Store Neon Bliss

Neons are so hard to capture

I love how these are so retina searing that they actually almost make me look tan!

This one has such a pretty blueish flash that cannot be properly conveyed with photos

Tomorrow I am going to try again to work out in the a.m. Today was a complete fail. I normally work a half hour earlier on Mondays so I didn't have time. Then I got to work and realized I was supposed to be at orientation (2 months after I start apx?) at 8 a.m. ... so I was a half hour late. SO BORING. Girls who were talking and texting and then WTF eating a salad?? with the loudest crunching in the land echoing through the auditorium needed 60 punches and 30 uppercuts. *glare*

*Looks back at pretty neon nails* :D

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  1. Love love love Rose! =) Gorgeous neon color too!

    I hate people who talk during things like that. I remember in lecture these two girls were sitting four rows from the front kept talking. I asked them to stop and they just gave me a nasty look and kept on. How rude to the instructor! It's college! You can just not show up! That's how it works! Grr...

  2. Ha ha I was really impressed when the person speaking at the front asked a question (which I do not recall) and the one girl answered "multiple diagnosises?" YOU WORK IN A HOSPITAL. DIAGNOSES.

  3. Wow I hate people like that. Plus orientations always suck boring as hell. The polish is BRIGHT

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  5. Agreed FIngers!

    Miss Claire I shall have to snag you one post haste ;o)