Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chanel - Peridot

Aloha! I was drawn into the Peridot vacuum yesterday. Truly this polish is stunning. Not sure if it is $30 dollars stunning.. But stunning!

This was my first time applying it. My pinky suffered a bulbous tip. Accent nail is W&W Black Creme (1 coat.. amazing! LOVE!) with this little decal that I got from a kiosk in the mall. You peel off the backing, stick it on and rub rub rub and then peel of the other backing because it is double sided sticky. Then topcoat.

I made a fatal error in not rubbing enough and I think that it needs SV on top because I peeled it off a few hours later. It's "3D" so even when fully rubbed down to hug the nail it has a bit of texture. Next time = 1 coat non quick dry topcoat and then 1 coat SV.

I also got these little gems!

This one I am wearing (dig the Engrish at the bottom! Just-stick them onto your fingers and toe.nails.)

Same dealy but in silver

These ones are not double sided. You just stick like a sticker and then apply topcoat.

These are actually really pretty. White with little silver gems!

This long strippy one that the guy totally recommended. I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I think it would look cute on a diagonal! (those two baby gates are designed to keep 7hund in the tiny strip of pavement I call my deck.. which is actually just the walkway along the side of the house to get into the back yard. I have pimped it out though! Lots of roses and herbs!)


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  1. You tease me with Peridot!! I looks so beautiful on you. I caved and bought it of the bay last week. Please hurry Mr Postman. I like seeing the pics of the different sort of stickers too.

  2. Aww thank you pal! I still want Chemistry 507! Do you have it? If so comps please!! I love the stickers! I need to use them more. I also snagged some GORGEOUS glitters that I thought would be fab for frankening but.. melted :(

  3. Will do comps when it arrives. Even though I have 507, I still needed Peridot, so I know what you mean out 507. Bummer about the melty glitter, you can never tell until you add and shake.

  4. I love this mani so much, think I might wear Peridot for a full mani on Wednesday since it will be my muchkins birthday & it's her birthstone (my rationale for splurging on it!)

  5. Oooh Peridot loving!!! I'm still trying to avoid *tells self that 507 is good enough*

    Love the gorgeous stickers!!

  6. OK You crack me up with the Engrish! I am dying of laughter!

  7. WOW!!!!! I love the ring finger!!! It looks soooooo great... I couldn't spend that much money on this polish though.

  8. It's like a $40 nail polish. At least!

    I love Engrish too... something about it is so charming and innocent.

  9. Theo it was like $30.50 or something? Not too shabby! $27 + tax at The Bay.

  10. Love the butterfly! I've never seen metal 3D nail art like that. =)