Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Missha - HGR01


Heart shaped bottle!

The brush is a fatty and I love it.

This polish smells like roses and I kind of hate that. It smells like grandmas. Here she is in full sun.

Indirect sun.

Indoor light.

This puppy alternates between green, gold and teal/blue although the latter isn't easy to squeak out of it. The formula was fabulous. I wish the bottle was bigger because regardless of how many grannies it smells like, I plan to wear this shiz over and over! Pin It


  1. First I love the heart shaped bottle- very cool. I love this color a lot. Have not heard of this brand at all. Where do you get it? And why do you associate roses with grannies?

  2. Blargle. I guess they must all smell like roses. I put on JBL01 last night and I was almost gagging by the time I was done. And I hate the brush. It made me want to stab someone with a spork. =\

  3. Beautiful. Looks so sparkly and it's duochromey too. I HAVE to get this!

  4. Sooo awesome and the bottle is super cute! I love your photos

  5. Fingers: I got it in a swap so I am not sure! Probably ebay? I don't know why but I have always associated that general fake floral scent with grandmas, especially fake rose.

    Ha ha Noelie <3

    Theo, Kristy and Claire I <3 you!

    Kitties, it is a lovely duochrome in low light and in full sun it's really blingy. There are nicer swatches out there but.. they are fairytale swatches imo ;o) You need to walk around with your hands in lightboxes to have it look as constantly awesome as I have seen it in some swatches.

    Ty Amy!

  6. That is a sexy, sexy want!! :D