Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OPI - Glacier Bay Blues

This is one of my favourite OPIs. I really do love it. I love the old formula skinny brush, and the old formula! The duochrome on this doesn't slap you in the face but it is there ;o)

What's that you say? You want far too many pictures of the same damn polish? Well hold your horses!


What's this now? You want me to layer some random Billie polish that I forget the name of over top and then post far too many pictures of that combination? Done and done :D

I am too lazy to go and look at the bottle to determine the name of this polish. So pretty glitter! It's like.. glitter and stuff.. in a greenish sort of blue kinda jelly base.

With 1 speck of red glitter. The cherry on.. bottom?

I have decided I never want to have my nails that long again. It makes typing cumbersome and my nails grow all wonky. The ring finger likes to grow super fast and flare out a bit, and the pointer seems to want to grow slower and curve in. Stupid nails. Pin It


  1. That is so gorgeous! And here I thought Glacier Bay Blues couldn't get any better, but wow you made it amazing!

  2. that cat is hilarious, and the polish is gorgeous! Why can't OPI make a "poisonous" and 3-free version. I know which one I'd buy. AND I too prefer the skinny brushes.

  3. This is a freaking awesome combo! Love it!

  4. The cat made me lose my concentration completely.