Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OPI - Sonic Bloom, Megawatt & Electric Eel

These are three polishes that can be lovely 1 coat sheers but here is 3 coats of each to give you an idea what they can build up to. No base or top on any of these.


I really liked this one a lot more than I thought I would. At one coat it is like a layer of spun gold on the nail. It is very sheer but it is prominent. This is 3 coats and I really love the ethereal glow. Definitely a keeper.

Electric Eel

I think I might like this one better at a single coat than three. While it is a very pretty green at 3 coats, at 1 coat it gives off a very subtle (for me) green glow. I did not do 1 coat swatches with these because my nails are stained all to shiz. No one wants to see that :|

Sonic Bloom

This one is fabulous. One coat is less than thrilling. Three coats, however, is beauty. Is it blue? Pink? Green? Guile? All of the above? Pin It


  1. Sonic Bloom is a stunner headed for my wishlist!

  2. Sonic bloom is great!

  3. ROFL I think of Guile every friggen time I see that name! :D :D :D :D

  4. So awesome. All those colours look great one you! I picked up Electric Eel at a dusty a little while ago. Have you tried it over black? wowsers.

  5. Guile!! I used to spend so many quarters playing SF at my corner liquor store :p I have to say, I always imagined Guile and Cammy having a thing with Chun Li on the side. I know, I'm a pervert!! But thanks for the wonderful swatches!! <3

  6. ...DUDE! All of these are so awesome on you, now I am DYING to put on Sonic Bloom! :D I'm also thrilled that you love Megawatt and it is in a good home with you <3