Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fyrinnae Part 1

Sooo.. I now have an eye shadow problem. I am by no means a pro at applying it, but I am learning! I have fallen in LOVE with Fyrinnae. Here are some swatches from my 1st order. I have another one coming, and in 2012 when I allow myself to go off my no-buy (hahahaha) unless they have a sale or something.. or I have too much wine one night.. I will buy more! MOAR!

My swatches are suck. Swatching shadows is frigging hard! May I also please apologize for the dodgy patchy labelling of my pictures? I will get better I swear.

Skull paper! Plus they sent me a sample of Purgatory which is AWESOME! Full size coming.. had to order it.. had to do it..

This shiz gets me a lot of compliments. Blended with Velvet Vampire and Pure Luxe Red Aura.. amazing.

Gorgeous! Do you see this?

My pics of this suck. It shifts from blue to green. It looks ultra sexy paired with a dark purple.

This one is so amazing. I initially found this particular shadow and Pixie Epoxy in general a bit tricky to work with, but I watched Kelly Rie show me how to be awesome and my mind was expanded. LOVE! SAVED MY LIFE!

This one is so delicate and pretty. I love pinky golds!

Just adore this. Shifts from red-pink-orange-reddypinkyorange.

Meerkat is also pretty. I haven't quite found what I want to pair this with yet. Any recs?

I have really jumped on the "indie" shadow wagon. I will have some Pure Luxe swatches up for you next. After that comes Meow Cosmetics and then Shiro. In order of arrival ;) I have 2 more Fyrinnae orders coming, 1 more Pure Luxe, 2 Meowths and 1 Shiro thus far. Hence the No-buy (hahahahacrycrycry)

Just gonna throw this at you. I actually really really loved everything that I got from Pure Luxe BUT they cost more than Fyrinnae and there is way less in the container. Ch-check it!

Left is Meerkat.. so packed it has a container shaped bulge out the top? Not all of their shadows were packed this full but whoa!

Tops of containers. Silver = Alchemist's curse which I assume is because it is.. new? or something? Halloweeny? The clear is the sample (THANKS! <3)

Bum of jar

Thanks for looking! I hope to eventually (do not hold breath) get a light so I can start taking better pictures. I am really fascinated with eye shadows so I will be spamming you henceforth. Pin It


  1. i thought they were closed!When did you make your purchase?

  2. This one was approximately the middle of last month. After this I made 2 more purchases with about a week between each purchase. I have been pretty lucky with them being open nearly all of the times I have checked. They seem to be closed for quite a long stretch right now though :\

  3. mmmmm Purgatory... *drools like Homer*