Friday, November 11, 2011

Fyrinnae - Part 2

I got my second order from Fyrinnae! I may have more coming.. I am excited for the shop to reopen on Nov 20!

I am starting to get more comfortable swatching shadows. I think I am going to stick to this pattern. I swatch big on the back of my hand 1 shadow at a time. I will try and get couple of different angles depending on the shadow. I have been trying to get my pictures in daylight, if overcast.

I am expecting to receive and review Pure Luxe, Meow Cosmetics, Shiro cosmetics and Chromatic Cosmetics in the near future. I have a bunch of Pure Luxe that I actually really love and need to reswatch. I will try and do that this weekend

I apparently wanted black basis this order! Next order is nearly all green.. Anyhoo!

All of these are swatched wet without a base. Only Pumpkinfire NEEDED Pixie Epoxy and so it is swatched over that.

I might as well start with Pumpkinfire

It did not want to play nice dry or wet. You need Pixie Epoxy for this shadow. You need Pixie Epoxy regardless.. but I digress.


Raven's Prophecy

Immortality and Raven's Prophecy are really similar IMO. I think they are both gorgeous, but when you are working with an eye, which is such a small canvas anyways, it is hard to tell the difference. I didn't label my pictures when I saved them and had to spend a lot of time squinting at them and the containers of shadow to figure out which was which. I am still glad I own them both as they are both stunning.

Here is Conjuror

Mmm duochrome..

I also got a full size container of Purgatory which I have previously swatched. I still love it. I absolutely adore it. I need to get a bright true red to work with.. My collection is not small and yet so sparse!

They sweetly included a sample of Tapir. It was like BUTTAH to work with. Fab.

I hope my shadow swatches don't suck. I would appreciate any constructive criticism or helpful hints! Pin It


  1. These are really pretty - especially Immortality

  2. OMG girl... I have managed NOT to order any Fyrinnae yet, but you are making it hard for me to sit on my hands!! ;)

  3. these are so pretty.. wish i went places that required getting all dolled up!

    i cant believe i havent followed your blog until now, its great! (=

  4. <3 you ladies!

    Cathryn! I cannot believe I wasn't following your blog either ;)

  5. I want Immortality/Raven's Prophecy... nail polish form. omg. I don't think I could pull it off on my eyes otherwise!