Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gold Foil Comparison

Orly Glitz & Glamour has been my ultimate gold foil. A friend of mine wore it to school once, and I wanted it BAD. I ended up missing the boat and actually got OPI Rising Star instead. So not what I wanted. Still a good polish, but not what I wanted. Recently I purchased Sparitual Solstice. It is an exact dead on dupe for Glitz & Glamour which is not entirely surprising since they have the same parent company.

Sparitual on the pointer and Orly on the ring.

Rising star is obviously a bit more copper leaning. Without these to compare it does look quite gold.

The formula on the OPI is pretty bang on. The other 2 require more coats. The formula seems to be a clear base which is jaaaam packed full of golden bits. 1 coat is not enough to cover.

Both Orly and Sparitual have a rubber cap. The Orly brush stem and brush bristles are a bit longer. I prefer the Orly brush. The Orly bottle also holds more product which is always a boon.

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  1. Gold foils, I love them. These are all amazing. Thanks for the comparisons!