Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chromatic Cosmetics

Okay so I was trolling Etsy the other day looking for shadows. I came across a seller with a lot of stuff I wanted (Chromatic Cosmetics). I pm'd back and forth with her and settled on the following 30 samples.


I am just spewing out everything from my camera here. If they are blurry.. sorry.. no time to put Spit&Polish on them. So lazy.. want sushi.

All are swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I apologize for the tiny swatches but.. there were 30! It would have taken 60 years to swatch them all individually :S

Speed Ballin' (Stardust), Terrestrial, Razzle Dazzle, Smoke & Mirrors,
Beamers, Steel City, Mo Murder, Starry Night,
Monster Mash, Cadaver, Widower, Autopsy

Walk of Shame, Cambria, Home Wrecker, Volatile,
Infatuation, Midnight Lights, Black Magic, Intuition,
Fizzy Pop, Mary Jane, Pina Colada, Spare Change

Oh Mr. Sun, Juiced, Ginger Kid, Sangria,
Platonic, Dizzy Drunk, Bereavement, Siren,
Dream Weaver, Beer Before Liquor, Cafe Mocha

The formula on all of these was fantastic. Some were a touch gritty but only the more etherial colours so I imagine it is whatever makes them hauntingly beautiful. I am in love with Oh Mr. Sun, Sangria and Mo Murder. That being said, if I had the money I would gladly buy nearly all of these in full size.

Speaking of $$ I got 30 samples for 20 dollars plus shipping. My only complaint is that the samples were really really sampley. There is no way that I am going to be able to do much more with them than what you see up there. Maybe swatch again? I could probably get a bit of actual eye wear out of them, but they are in bags (LOATHE although I see the purpose) and will be a PITA to work with.

Although the samples were super tiny, the full size (2g in a 5g sifter jar) shadows are only $4.17 CAD (doesn't tell in USD) and I am DEFINITELY going to be buying a great many of these once Xmas is over and I have resuscitated my wallet. Pin It


  1. REECE! You are an evil eyeshadow enabler. EVIL!

  2. Ha ha ha <3 These are not the most awesome pics. I hope to get a new camera for xmas and MAYBE work myself some sort of light box. *tents fingers*