Monday, December 12, 2011

Cult Nails - Super Powers Collection

I'm pretty pleased with this collection. All swatches are taken outdoors in crappy sun-free Raincouver overcastyness.

Power Thief - 3 coats no topcoat. The formula on this one was a bit meh. It was that strange inbetween of thin and thick which ended up pooling at my tips. Use thin coats.

Power Thief - 3 coats no topcoat. Fabulous blackened jelly with purple/green duochrome miniflakes. The glitter flakey bits in here are a bit sparse but beautiful. They lean purple most of the time, but they do flash green. I was pleasantly surprised with this polish. No formula complaints.

Time Traveller - 2 coats no topcoat. This shiz is thick. It needs to be thinned straight off the bat. I've heard people describe it as a jelly.. but I do not consider it a jelly. MAYBE I would say it is a blue creme with some jelly tendencies. It is not a jelly imo. Also..


I was warned that this one was stainy so I was very careful. Even being ultra careful it stained my cuticles on cleanup. Cleaning it was essentially just like smearing the stain around. It stains quickly. I had to bleach my nails with tooth whitener and spend some quality time with pure acetone after swatching this one. I still have slightly stained cuticles :|

That being said, it is gorgeous. See for yourself!

Clairvoyant - Ah yes the Unicorn Puke. This is the reason I ordered this set. This is 2 coats over Time Traveller no topcoat. They were made to dance together.

You can buy Cult Nails here. Unfortunately, Clairvoyant is out of stock right now. Fortunately, it looks an awful lot like Picture Polish Festival (although Festival has a clear base) which is in stock as far as I can tell. Just judging by that one small swatch though. I have not gotten my hands on this Picture Polish as I lost their naming contest for it :\ I like the girl who won though so it's all good ;) Pin It


  1. These are all so cool!! Absolutely beautiful collection!! Also, gorgeous swatches. :D

  2. Ooohh, that chocolate-y brown of Power Thief is calling me....

  3. Oh yes, I'm really liking this collection too. Wearing Power Thief today. Time traveller made such a mess of my dry cuticles too, but WOW Clairvoyant is amazing. I should have Festival tomorrow, so will do a comparison Lovely pics thank you.

  4. *lies on the floor in a pool of drool* but yes, TT is definitely NOT a jelleh. I was disappointed by that tbh....well that and a plethora of other problems I have with it >.<