Monday, February 20, 2012

OPI - Holland Collection

So here is a picture of my windmill of fabulousness.  Not edited.  True and gritty.  You like that $25 dollar Ikea chair?  It's where all the magic happens.  What you don't see is that it is coming apart and tied together at the bottom with a Christmas ribbon.  Oh yes, chez Peeces is tres classy.

I swatched all of these on a cloudy day here in Vancouver which is pretty standard as far as weather goes.  A lot of these do have shimmer that does show up in sunlight and indoor light.  I figure there are enough perfect light box pictures of these.  This is what they looked like outside on Sunday in Vancouver.  Trufax.

Any questionable pink reflections in the polish is likely my camera.  I tried to avoid it, but it happened.

Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI? has quite pronounced shimmer.  It faded away a bit in the shabby lighting, but trust me it is not super secret shimmer like we can find in some polish.

Love Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh. LOVE.

Boo-urns to the secret shimmer in Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

A Roll In The Hague is one of the reasons I bought this collection.  ADORE.

Not big on pinks but I quite liked this one.  Good formula.

 This one matched my Care Bears pyjamas! *cough* I'm still hardcore right?

I wouldn't actually call this one a red.  IRL it looked far more pink/coral leaning.  I guess still technically a red.. but not red red?

I was disappoint son.  It looked AMAZING with Fantasy Fire on top though.

Love!  I was showing this to my coworkers and one said "I would wear that for halloween maybe".  Really?.. frigging muggles.

Another secret shimmer.

All the cremes were 2 coats.  No top coat on any.  The flecks were a bit more pissy in their formula.  I found that they really wanted to dry a bit between coats or they pulled up and got ugly on me.
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  1. Dang it, I knew I missed Did You 'ear About Van Gogh...also, I don't like oranges on me, but I needed it for a future project...LOL. I tried taking photos of the ones I got, and they were the biggest pain in the butt! I dunno how you did it so well, but I lurve your swatches. <3

    1. I was quite surprised that these turned out so decently! Only a few random hairs and flooded cuticles ;)

      I have an extra DYEAVG which originally I was like d'oh about but now I am like.. heyyy! about. Not that I need any backups of anything really.

      <3 you!

    2. Flooded cuticles, schflooded cuticles. I didn't notice a single damn one! :P


  2. nice!! i picked up 5 of these. but hmmm may need vampsterdam & pedal faster now..

    1. I was like ooh I need this one and this one.. and this one.. and these.. okay I need all of them ha ha ha.

  3. Woah - great swatches!! I might need to add some to the wishlist!

  4. gah, Van Gogh looks so amazing on you dude!