Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bliss Piss & Clarins 230 Comps

My BFF made this.  I adore it!  Here is 1 coat over OPI Houston we Have a Purple.

Indoor lighting

In da sunshine!

This polish is truly gorgeous.  I decided to comp it against 230 and some of my other "dupes"

Full sun

From left to right: Bliss Piss, Clarins 230, Beyu 209, Fantasy Fire

Indoor lighting

Beyu has the least strong green flash, but it really does glow in the sun.  FF has the least strongest flashes either way of the lot.  I think it could have benefited from a second coat which is a shame because it comes in the tiniest bottle.  I would say Bliss Piss is the closest dupe to 230 that I own and the only one that came close to matching the green flash although it was difficult for me to catch that on camera.  Thus far, I have yet to find something that truly matches it's scream of green!

Thank you Miss Moxie for this amazing little bottle *heart*
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  1. *drools* HWHaP is the perfect base

  2. great comp! must try my fantasy fire over houston now!

    1. FF would look lovely! It may alter the colour just a scootch but I think it would still look fab ;)

  3. So, so, so so soooooo beautiful!!!!!

  4. SQUEEEE! Love the comps and love all of these polishes :D You do Bliss Piss so much more justice than I ever could in your pics! <3

  5. "bliss piss" LMAO

    i freakin' LOVE IT