Saturday, August 25, 2012

SpaRitual - Alchemy vs. China Glaze - Whitecap vs. Zoya - Gaia

I have a comp of 3 beauties.  I am in love with each of these polishes.

Zoya Gaia is obviously in the dupe running but I needed to bust it out since I was going milky gold.

Gaia is pinky, middle finger is Whitecap and ring and pointer are Alchemy.  All are 2 coats aside from Gaia which was 1 coat, and all are over 2 coats of OPI Don't Touch my Tutu!

Cuticles = still Sammy Haggard.

The particles in Alchemy are bigger.  Alchemy is also a lot blingier in person.  Whitecap has a more opaque base and builds up more with each coat; whereas, Alchemy simply builds in bling.  I love all of these.  If I was going to go get hitched, one or all may be my wedding mani!  So delicate and beautiful. Pin It


  1. that would be a fabulous wedding mani! These are gorgeous, I think I love Alchemy the most, judging from these pics! <3

  2. I can't believe I had no clue until just now that Gaia existed! Also, good to know I don't *really* need to shell out the extra $$ for the SpaRitual.