Saturday, August 11, 2012

OPI - Every Month is Oktoberfest + Rainbow Honey - The Worst Possible Thing

I only picked up a couple of polishes from the OPI Germany collection.  I got this one, and Germanicure by OPI.  Germanicure is incredibly close to Royal Rajah Ruby.  I comped them, but I comped them after having a field day picking at my cuticles.. so yeah.. I will maybe slather my fingers in bag balm over night and try to swatch again tomorrow :\

EMiOF 2 coats no top coat.  It is a red leaning purple.  First coat is very 230-esque.

I can not let a good vampy go to waste, I had to layer!  What was handy? The Worst (best) Possible Thing.

My only regret is not mattifying TWPT.  I suck at describing shit.  This polish is full of amazing bits of fabulous.  Flakies, glitter, iridescence.. just go buy them both. Pin It


  1. both very gorgeousss.. awesome together. you sold me on oktoberfest for sure!

  2. EMiOF looks STUNNING in these pics & the RH glitter looks great with it

  3. Gosh, I was so hell bent on not buying anything from the OPI Germany! But then I see your swatches and several others and I'm not so sure anymore. Especially the red and purple vampies and the Bach one. I certainly don't blame you! Every Month is Oktoberfest is lovely! :)

    1. I went and looked at them in person, and only this one and Germanicure tempted me. That being said, the formula on both is pretty ace ;)

  4. I really adore this combo! Glad you posted it and so happy I purchased Every Month! Consider this pinned ;)