Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rainbow Honey - Mare of the Moon

I got this as a mini when I bought the entire Equestria collection.  I still have so many of these to swatch.  I have so many polishes in general to swatch!

This is a pretty blurple.  It's more blue leaning with a fantastic pink flash.  In the sun, amazing.  It drove my camera a little batty.  It also has holo hexes and moons.  I am a bit on the fence with the formula.  I mean, I love it.  I just sort of wish that the moons and hexes were in a separate top coat or something.  It's hard to get them out.  They tend to be overshadowed by the polish as well.  I think having it as a set of 2 polishes would have been a bit more successful and versatile.  That being said, I do still love this polish!  Here it is in 2 coats over OPI - Sapphires in the Snow.


Indoors under the magical stove light that sings sweetly to all the duochromes.

In the sun.  Camera can barely focus!

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