Sunday, September 30, 2012

ManGlaze - Matte is Murder & GOSH Galaxy

I got my very first ManGlaze polishes the other day.  Colour me stoked.  I'm going to post one every Monday (Sunday night) for the next month or so (I bought 5).  I need more.  MOAR.

Umm the bottle art?


2 coats in ze sun

In ze shade.

Someone on MUA the other day referred to this as "very pretty pavement" or something to that effect.  It totally does remind me of a freshly paved road.

The formula was ridiculously awesome.  It dries really quickly, but not so quickly that you can't work with it like some mattes.  I am on a real matte kick lately.  I love me some fast dry time. I almost always cover them in something else, but seriously MiM is so secks!  I would have no issues waiting a full day before covering it in glitter ;)  In this case, I waited about 5 minutes, but that is because I was swatching.

GOSH Galaxy.  Limited edition.  I swear there is duochrome action but it is super subtle.  In the stove light I could see a definite shift in about 50% of the glitter from green to pink.  Super mega subtle though.  Impossible to capture in sunny weather.  I shall have to bust her out on a shit day sometime soon.  Super soon considering it is fall in Vancouver.

1 coat over ManGlaze Matte is Murder




It's like a million tiny particles of every colour.  It looks holo almost in full sun, but it totally isn't.  Speaking of holo.  Has anyone in Canada seen the holo released with this collection?  Are we going to get holo sheisted again? *shakes fist*

You can buy ManGlaze in several ways, Facebook, Amazon or their new crappy website. Pin It


  1. Holy hotness these are both stunning

  2. ooooh this mani is the seceks! Loving that GOSH, duo or not! :d

  3. Now that's a delicious looking matte black. And I love the bottle artwork!! :)

  4. I LOVE ManGlaze!!! I'm obsessed with Fuggen Ugly and cant wait to get Fu** off and Dye. What colors did you get?

    1. I got F off and Dye, this one, Royal Matterimoaning, ILF and Mayo! So need more. Totally kicking myself for not getting Santorum.

    2. you should do a swatch of mayo (cus I couldnt decide on that one, selfish right?) When I get more I want to get Santorum, it would look awesome for fall.

    3. I'll put Mayo up next just for you ;)

    4. Nawww, special! Thanks Lady, I'll look forward to it!