Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Baking Robot

I must interrupt my irregularly scheduled blogcasting to bring you one of my others loves, food.

If you are also a lover of sustenance, preferably sweet and carby, sally forth to the baking robot! (she is also a polish fanatic)  Congrats to my best robotic buddy on making it onto the Huffington Post!

Butterfinger cupcakes?

Donut frigging muffins?

Peach tea ice cream???!!

And a frigging amazing sense of humour to boot "Sorry, my hand got in this photo!"

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  1. Those donut muffins look soooooo good

  2. I almost hate you for making me click that link. I'm drowning in my own saliva.

  3. Lol! "my hand got in this photo"...way too funny :)

  4. This is way better than HuffPost any day. <3 YOU KNOW YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE FOR ME SPEED REECER

    1. you are a Dea-lite!

    2. And just how did you reply to this post Dea? I had to prove that you weren't a robot, right? I guess Blogger isn't foolproof...

  5. The Baking Robot rocks my socks!! And those Butterfinger Cupcakes are frigging amazing! I made them yesterday and people went nuts over them!