Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SpaRitual - Bismuth

Here are 13 pictures of Bismuth.  I couldn't quite capture it.  4 coats on all but ring which is 2 coats over black.  I took pictures under several different light sources.  No topcoat.  I need to experiment with layering this puppy, perhaps over a brown.. *squint*  Sorry for the bubbles.  This is the only thing I swatched this long weekend, and I did it fast and sloppy.  It's super sheer like a lot of duochromes.

Indirect sun


Stove light

Bedroom light which is quite cool and blue

Bathroom light which is pretty neutral but a bit warm

At first look I thought this polish might be very similar to a lot of other duochromes out there, but it isn't.  It's more of a pink tone than the really common purple, and it shifts to a very warm sort of bronzy gold instead of the traditional green.  The base is sort of a murky browny grey.  I find this polish very hard to describe and found it very hard to photograph.  Hopefully these swatches aren't entirely useless to you! Pin It


  1. awesome!! I've been looking high and low for this one haha. Looks beautiful on you! Sort of reminds me a bit of OPI Movin'Out ^_^