Saturday, November 3, 2012

CrowsToes Christmas Collection 2012

Man, Lauri has outdone herself.  This collection is ridiculous!  RIDICULOUS.  Frigging gorgeous.

This is a limited edition collection that will be available in a around a week or 2.  I think that is perfect.  Holiday parties start popping up around November.  Who wouldn't want to have ridiculous blinged out nails?

Llarowe's exclusives will be:
A Christmas Crow
Her Goose Got Cooked
Jingle Balls

Overall Beauty's exclusives will be:
Bah F@#$%*g Humbug
Blue Christmas

Holly and Hellfire, Making Christmas and Maxxed Out will be available at both.

Lauri is keeping the Halloween Collection core! Huzzah! Mmm Frog's Breath..

On to the pictures!  I am not going to mess around with many words.  I started swatching at like noon and it is 6:20 now and I'm just getting to posting.  I did take a break to grab some groceries, but I live 2 blocks from the store.  Ah well, it was a labour of love!

If you frequent my blog you are used to 60 trillion pictures of the same shiz.  Apologies if this irritates you.. wait no wtf.  Don't look if you don't like it!  Alternately, email me and give me some recs for some new hand poses.  My hand vogue is getting stale :\

Pictures are taken in several different lights.  Outdoor lighting is overcast and pissing rain.  HOORAY!

A Christmas Crow - 1 coat over Essie Wicked which is why my cuticles are all stainy and bloody looking :\

Apparently I only got one decent (aside from stray glitter.. I see you there *glares) shot of the duo-crow-m in this polish which is absolutely stunning.

Bah F@#$%*g Humbug, 2 coats over OPI Just Spotted the Lizard

I lied, not all are 2 coats.  This is 1 coat.

I hate how sometimes my nails look uneven because of how I'm holding the bottle.  I just double checked and my nails are all the same dang length!

Blue Christmas, 2 coats over Kleancolor Metallic Aqua *grumbles at stupid stray glitter*

Her Goose Got Cooked, 2 coats over OPI Pros and Bronze

Holly and Hellfire, 2 coats over Kleancolor Metallic Red

You can better see the bigger pinky/red holo hex in this shot.

Jingle Balls, 2 coats over OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede.  The stars were a bit shy in this one.  I did manage to grab a couple though!  I do see lots of stars in the bottle.  Luck of the draw I suppose ;)

Making Christmas, 1 super thin coat over ManGlaze Mayonnaise.  This polish will build up nicely as it is quite dense, but I purposefully took almost all off the brush to give the look of peppermint bark NOM!

Maxxed Out is probably my favourite, 2 coats over Barielle Gold Digger.  Can't afford to cover yourself in jewels?  You can afford to look like your nails were dipped in Scrooge's vault!

(this Scrooge)

*phew* I am in lurve with this collection.  These polishes were gifted to my from the lovely Lauri.  I haven't really given an opinion have I?  *cough* my opinion is that these are all gorgeous glitters.  I did not have issues with any of the formulas.  If she had not given them to me I would have possibly cut someone to get them *shifty eyes*, but thankfully she did! *puts half carved shiv back under loose brick* Pin It


  1. Awesome swatches, I'm really loving A Christmas Crow

  2. I NEED Maxxed Out, Her Goose Got Cooked, and Jingle Balls!!!!! (hehe balls XD )

  3. You know you aren't helping my fake no buy right? RIGHT? *shakes fist* I need the other four now...

  4. Her Goose Got Cooked? Maxed Out??? OMG!!!

    If Lauri wasn't already spoken for, I'm sure I'd be proposing to her right now!

  5. Maxxed out is gorgeous! I may have to pick that up soon *stokes imaginary beard* LOL

  6. And to think I almost did not want to order these because the first swatches I saw of them were ugly. Now, thanks to your pretty swatches I need several.

  7. Yikes, I was all set to sit back and not go nuts with Christmas polishes but HOLY FREAKING MOLY, that Maxxed Out!! It must be mine. ^_-