Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pretty Serious - They Came From Beyond Space!

I was so stoked to receive this collection on Friday.  I peered in through their little windows and whispered "I'm going to swatch you on Sunday", and then I did.  Here are the results!

Apologies for 60 different lightings.  It was hard for me to capture the different colour shifts.  So shifty these fellas.

Also apologies for the shots where my fingers looked like they just slammed into all the Slim Jims.

Oh and any unfitting pink flashes on the bottles is likely just a reflection from my pink camera.

P.S. apologies for any craptasticly obvious shopping of black polish that I failed to notice until after all the polish was removed :|

As I was swatching I had Richard Stamos singing Loving You stuck in my head the entire time.  Thank you South Park.

All ring fingers are 1 coat over black.  All other fingers are 3 coats.  No topcoat.

Atomic Brain, not sure what the qozn is on the label there *squints*

Galaxy Invader, it's a bit redundant that I am announcing the names since the first picture is of the label..

Phantom Planet, and now a picture of the label.

All of these were a dream to work with.  Not too thick not too thin.  I like them alone or over black.  They aren't so sheer that you can't build them to opacity in 3 or even 2 coats if you are careful.  The colour shifts are strong in all of them.  I loved walking around through the different lights in the house moving my hands around checking out the pretty.  I want to try layering them over all of the things..

These are described as duochrome foils.  This means that they are tres blingy!  Very shiny and flashy as you can see since I did not use any topcoat.

They Came From Beyond Space! is available at Pretty Serious.  10% off if you buy all 3.  Shipping is totes reasonable considering they are coming from Oz.  Canadian ladies you should be especially pleased since it costs the same as it does from province to province.  Stupid Canada Post *glares*

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  1. ah damnit, I totally should have added these to my PS order >.< beautiful swatches, as always!

    1. Thanks pal! I would agree that you should have ;)

  2. These are really pretty! As always your swatching is so awesome ^^

  3. Awesome swatches! You make me want to buy them even though I already have them :D