Thursday, January 17, 2013

CrowsToes - Celaeno and Taygete in the sun!

Okay so I already swatched these. I swatched the heck out of them, but not in outdoor lighting because really there was none. A perpetual cloud hangeth over Vancouver. Sun... I am disappoint.

So today there was a wee smidgen of sun! I got 3 CrowsToes Pleiades swatched, and only 2 of them looked decent when I uploaded. Way to fail at taking pictures self.

Both are 2 coats on all but ring which is 1 coat over black.



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  1. Beautiful! So glad I found another nail blogger in Vancouver who understands weather problems... I really really wish I had been home to swatch some holo polishes today :P

    1. Yes ugh so frustrating! I have a bajillion untried holos that are just rotting waiting for summer :(