Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Humility and Lippmans

Dear 2013,

You better not suck.

I am starting off the new year with a bit of humility.  I took a few pics of some Lippmanns I got for xmas.  Upon examination, it appears that these are horrible pictures, mostly due to my shiz application.  I was going to not post them, but here I am.  Why am I posting ug pictures?  Because I am a human, and sometimes humans fuck up, but the polish is still pretty right?  It's like organic vegetables.  Maybe they are a little wonky looking.. but they are better for you? Sometimes? :D  Or maybe my sanity is rapidly dwindling..  I will embrace this.

Anyfrigginghoo, here is Sweet Dreams with a big stupid fimo flower on it that I now regret.

 3 coats + SV

So I figured I would try layering it.  Here is 1 coat over top of Ask Oh So Aubergine which I still maintain is a stupid name, but the formula is a 1 coater if you are fast and careful.

Apparently I dipped the bottle in some fuzz before presenting it for the masses.

 I should not quickly wrap tips with dark polish and too much of said dark polish on the brush.  You will see more of this later.

Okay so here is where things really start sucking.

After layering it over purple, I decided I wanted to try it over blue.  This happened to coincide with my wanting to comp Nfu-oh JS31 to Revlon Royal.

They look similar in the bottle.

NOT.  4 coats of each + NYC GCS

So apparently quickly putting on 4 coats of nail polish and then NYC Grand Central Station wasn't a good idea.  I can't even.. I mean you have eyes right? You can see the many ways in which this was such a bad decision.  Also, these are the GOOD pictures.

A little bit of bubbly to ring in the new year? No?

Okay so the pointer and pinky both have 1 coat of Sweet Dreams on top.  The middle 2 fingers have 2 coats, mostly because I fucked up.

But does it shift? Yes'm.

Keeping up with poor application, poor pictures and poor decisions.  Here is Cleopatra In New York, 3 coats with no topcoat? Why did I not put topcoat on?  Also keep your eyes peeled for incredibly shitty clean up.

In case you did not see the shitty clean up job, I have pointed it out for you.  Although, I currently feel I should have put that on the pinky too.. and maybe all of them :S

So this is 1 coat over top of Orly Glitz & Glamour (favourite gold in case you forgot). I thought it might look kinda cool like Rock Coat or something.  I think it looks kinda neat.

Thanks for looking at my pictures and probably just skimming my text if that!  I hope you all have a less shitty 2013.  If your 2012 wasn't shitty, then 2013 being even less shitty than not shitty would be pretty good! Pin It


  1. Holy crap, Sweet Dreams is gorgeous. Your pics are fanatstic

  2. LOL I so appreciated your post - life gets like that - no matter how good our intentions or plans!! Plus I got the idea of what you were after so it worked!

  3. um...where are the crap application and pics?? NO FLAWS DETECTED in this post, sorry to say ;) If you want to see bad pics and application, you know where to find me lol.

    I love all of these manis tbh. You are making me want to run out and pick up Sweet Dreams, damn you.

    1. Lies! Ugh it was so bad. There are so many horrible pics that showed all shame. Your pics and application are not bad fool!

      Tbh you should go and buy srs.

    2. ffs, I am already lemming ALL THE LIPPMANNS currently >.< (damn you, Holt Renfrew!!), don't encourage me bahahahaha.

      d'awww <3 you are sweet!

  4. I loved your post! I think it is good to show all of us that you layer and stack and sometimes it doesn't work out. all of us know that when we do the same thing, it is the right way to go, how else will you come out with terrific combinations.