Friday, January 4, 2013

OPI - Liquid Sand

OPI recently put out a collaborative collection with Mariah Carey.  Of that collection, only 5 really called to me.  I bought the 4 liquid sands and the glitter, and here they are.

I regret using the topcoat I did, I used some thin one from Color Club, the blueish one? Not thick enough.  Should have used NPB Glitter Food. Also, these polishes look a lot better in real life.  They look like sparkly sugar!

Can't Let Go - 2 coats no topcoat

With topcoat

Get Your Number - 2 coats no topcoat

Apparently I only got one tolerable picture with topcoat


The Impossible - 2 coats no topcoat

Holo stars!

Instead of topcoat I added 1 coat of Pink Yet Lavender which is a confusing name. I did not see any lavender.  I must recheck.

Stay The Night - 3 coats no topcoat, I applied this a bit unevenly.  As you can see the middle is still kind of wet towards the tip because it was too thick, and the pink is too thin.

It calls for extra glitter even though it is gorgeous alone.  I added 1 coat of CrowsToes Hell Hath No Fury.

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  1. WHOA Hell Hath No Fury looks flippin AMAZING over Stay The Night!!!! I will be buying both!! Great pics!

  2. I picked up a few (The Impossible & Stay The Night) and I agree, just like sparkly sugar!! I love them much more than I thought I would :). Great pics, as always!!

  3. I am liking these polishes with topcoat

    Perfect swatches as always <3

  4. I'm still considering which ones I need of these :)

  5. How are they to get off? Easy or like glitter?

    1. I didn't actually remove the traditionally. I waited for the to dry and then top coated them and took pics. When I had finished taking pics, the surface of the topcoat was dry, but it had re-wet all the underbits, so I just used tissue paper and slid it off my nails in sheets. I don't think that these would be particularly difficult to remove with remover. If it is, use some clear and slide it off ;)

  6. Good to know. Thank you for replying! :)