Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rainbow Honey - Sweet Talk Collection - XOXO and Sweet Talk

I was super pleased to receive these from Rainbow Honey. I got the email that they were sending bloggers 2 of the 3 polishes in the collection and including a $5 dollar off promo code to purchase the 3rd (or anything else they sell for that matter) and I was so hoping these were the 2 I got. The promo code is also for you guys to use!

*** PROMO CODE = SWEETTALK$5 (promo code expires 2/28/2013)***

The Collection will be officially released on 1/25 at 12:01 AM EST at rainbowhoney.com

Rainbow Honey is also having a giveaway on their facebook page for these special edition polishes:

Dearly Beloved or My Love (one or the other) will also be available as a gift with purchase of $50 or more once the Sweet Talk Collection goes live on January 25.

So here are the lovelies that I received:

Sweet Talk - 3 coats with 1 coat of top coat that was not thick enough *kicks bottle* I should have used Glitter Food.

I then added 1 coat of XOXO

XOXO - Funky french with OPI Kiss me on my Tulips and 2 coats of XOXO no topcoat

Check out the shimmer! I frigging adore this polish.

I feel the need to reswatch Sweet Talk in 1 coat over a white base. I feel that the 3 coats needed for opacity sort of muted the colours that I wanted to pop. Also, next time I will use a thicker topcoat.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I am pretty pleased with it myself ;) *stares*

  2. wow, love the look of Xoxo! And it looks awesome over Sweet Talk too!

  3. That French is stunning! OMG!

    I loooove Sweet Talk. I wanna spread it across a strawberry-filled pastry so bad I might die from lacquer poisoning.

    Your swatches never disappoint!!

  4. OMG Reece. You captured XOXO way better than I could. Love that french mani with it. It's gorgeous. And I NEED those limited edition ones. I'm sad I'll probably never get my paws on them :(

    1. I also want the limited editions! I can't shell out $50 bucks plus shipping just to get them though :( I did enter the facebook thingy *crosses fingers* I haven't seen your pics! *goes to look*

  5. Jeez, you make me do bad bad things.