Monday, March 25, 2013

Femme Fatale - Shimmering Snowcap + OPI - Lights of the Emerald City

Sorry I suck at posting lately. My cuticles have been haggard, and I have been wearing a lot of glitter that I am too lazy to remove. Here is Femme Fatale Shimmering Snowcap and OPI Lights of the Emerald City layered together over black. LotES is sort of  a shitty glitter on it's own. It just looks weird. I mean, it is gorgeous, but ugly? There is something wrong about it. Anyway, it looks pretty spanky over Shimmering Snowcap.

One coat over 1 coat Wet & Wild Black Creme no top coat, indoor lighting.

+ 1 coat of LotEC no top coat

+ glitter food and SV outdoors.

I went a bit too gung ho on the pinky there. Pin It


  1. Hey, that's an awesome way to use LoEC! I'm a bit underwhelmed with it on it's own too, but it looks great here in combination with the other glitters :D

    1. Thanks pal! I agree ;) On it's own, it was just like.. far too random kwim?

  2. oh yes, love this combo!!! :) This is the first time I have potentially lemmed this OPI...only you!!