Saturday, March 30, 2013

What should probably be Easter nails

For some reason the gods keep casting sickness upon me *shakes fist* I wore this for a week or more, and it was all picked and nasty (and not that well applied to start with). Either way, it was pretty cool.

Essence Date in the Moonlight with Femme Fatale Hydraxia lazy dab gradient finished with Ozotic Elytra #528.  Please ignore the lack of cleanup, and/or messy cleanup and all other crappyness.

I started feeling much better yesterday, and I am almost back to baseline today! Also, the sun she is a blazing. Do you know what that calls for?

Jade Uau!

Now I have stuffed my sausage legs into some bright yellow skinny jeans and will be toddling off to the mall to see if anyone has Chanel Taboo yet *pines* Pin It


  1. OMFG A HOLO ON S&P!!! IS THIS REAL LIFE??? ;) feels like it has been ages but I am so please to see you post a holo again. It looks so fab on you!

    Also, that first mani has me drooling...wowzers, woman!!! :O

  2. Holy crap, that first mani is stunning and I do want that Jade desperately - gorgeous pics of it

  3. That holo is blinding! But in a good way, haha :D