Sunday, December 29, 2013

OPI DS Royal

I had been given a decant of this lovely polish a while ago, but I had foolishly never tried it on for fear of using up my precious decant. For Christmas, my lovely bff gave me a half full bottle of Royal, to which I added my decant and woohoo! The polish level is now a good mm above the O.P.I. line.

This is 3 coats indoor lighting. Such a gorgeous pink flash

This is in indirect cloudy outdoor lighting. Strong blue flash rawr!

Have you picked out your New Years mani yet? I am still debating.. I want to do something ridiculously glittery which I will surely regret when it comes time to remove it. *ponders*

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  1. Great pics of this beautiful polish! We are away from home & I only thought to bring one polish with me which is a Dance Legend holo so that will probably me my NYE mani ;-)

  2. Unf, awesome pics of DS Royal! <3 I dunno if I'm doing my nails for NYE...they're kind of an ugly round-ish shape right now and I'm too lazy to deal with them :(