Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Born Pretty Full Nail Water Decals

Another one of the lovely things that I was sent to try out by Born Pretty is these cool full nail water decals. I found these to be really easy to work with. I got these ones because they looked sparkly, and I love me so sparkles.

They have a more tapered, rounder edge and a flatter more squared edge so you can just flip the side for whichever fits your nails or toes better.

You just cut them out one nail at a time, peel off the plastic front and drop them into some water. They come off the paper really easily and you have lots of time to sort of shift them around on your nail. I also had them fold in half and had no problem unfolding them. They are pretty forgiving.

Get it in position on your nail and then take a piece of paper towel and place it over top and gently sort of rock your finger back and forth over top to push out any air bubbles and soak up all the water. The decal is going to be pretty slippery until most of the water is gone.

I liked to hold the decal on with one finger while I filed the bits at the end off. I find a glass file is best for this because they have a fine grit and don't take off  actual nail length if you are careful.

Here they are with no topcoat or cleanup or anything. There is a bit of clear around the edges, as you can see. I had no issue cleaning this up with acetone and a brush like I would normal nail polish. I really actually like these a lot better than those stick on nail sheets. There was MUCH less wrinkling, and the edges were much smoother. I only got a tiny bit of wrinkling on my ring finger, and that is because I messed around with it too much I think.

I decided I wanted more bling, so I added a coat of Crows Toes Maxxed Out and then a layer of Seche Vite. The decal didn't shrink at all with the Seche, which is good to know.

I think that the decal actually made the glitter removal much easier. I didn't have to scrub as hard as I normally would. All in all, I am pretty happy with these! I will definitely be poking around and picking up some of the others that I saw that piqued my interest. You can get these from Born Pretty for $2.53 CAD for a sheet, and if you have short nails you can probably cut them in half and do your tips and your toes with 1 sheet.

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