Friday, December 19, 2014

ILNP - Ultra Chrome Flakies Part The First

These are all 3 coats over black with no topcoat. They lay nice and flat, similar to Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and that ilk. 

I have taken pictures in a variety of lighting, some outside in overcast weather and some inside with a couple of different light sources, nothing fancy, I just can't remember the watts and crap. I think the yellowy ones are incandescent bulbs, but I don't think I ended up using a whole lot of those.

There will be lots of bloggers out there who are going to talk about these polishes, but I am lazy as all get out so instead you get too many pictures and few words. And when I say too many pictures, I mean some of them pretty much look exactly the same and I think I uploaded 13 pictures of Supernova... *cough*






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